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Audiology PPC Advertising That Puts You In Front Of Patients

When it comes to orthopedic digital advertising, sometimes it pays more to…well, pay more.
Pay-per-click—also known as PPC—advertising is a method of digital marketing that bypasses organic channels and gets your ads right out in front of your audience. This is done by buying ad space on search results, social media channels, video and web content, and other potential points of contact your patients may encounter as they search for your practice.
By occupying these spaces, you put your practice in an optimal position to net more attention from patients, and by extent, more bookings as well.
But how does PPC ad buying even work? And who can get you there?
Allow us to introduce ourselves—we’re Aelieve Digital Marketing, a team of highly-skilled award-winning marketing professionals, and your new on-demand marketing partner.
Our digital ads specialists have run campaigns and generated significant ROI for hundreds of clients all over the world. By using cutting-edge digital marketing technology, paired with the industry knowledge of a team of experts, your practice has a real shot at substantial growth for your patient base.
So, if you’re in need of digital ads specialists who can help you evolve your marketing strategy, we’re here to do all we can for you. Reach out to our elite marketers today for a free and comprehensive digital marketing analysis, and let’s get your practice on-track to evolution.

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Our Audiology digital ads technology stack

We pride ourselves on staying ahead of the curve when it comes to technology. When you work with Aelieve, know you are getting the latest and greatest.

Fraud Click Detection Technology

Fraud clicks can be annoying, as well as detrimental to your PPC advertising campaign. That’s why we offer top fraud click technology services. We ensure that fraud clicks aren’t interfering with your PPC advertising strategies.

PPC advertising services for Audiology practices

A display ad is any digital ad that appears on websites, usually in the form of videos or photos. When someone is looking for a product or service related to your practice, this form of orthopedic PPC advertising is prime for directing them back to your website and practice.

Essentially, think of these ads as the signs on the highway that list a number of services at a certain exit. While someone might not have initially come onto the site looking for your practice, when they see the ad, any number of factors—they might need a new clinic and have yet to find one, they could remember someone who was hurt and refer them—could cause them to visit your site.

If you’ve ever seen a link at the top of a Google Search with the “Ad” banner near it, that’s a PPC search ad.  

Search ads constitute an incredibly effective way to get your orthopedic practice noticed online.  Putting a link to your site at the top of search is a near-unbeatable advantage, and though some people can be put off by the “Ad” label, these advertisements still manage to generate an impressive volume for your site

A well-executed PPC strategy can put your orthopedic practice in front of countless social media users at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising methods like billboards or fliers. From Instagram, to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and more, our experienced social media marketers can tailor your campaign to reach your target patients and help you achieve success.

Any business who’s interested in digital marketing should be invested in video advertising, for the same reasons businesses in the mid-20th Century wanted television spots on major television networks.

Video content is one of the primary forms of media people engage with online. Being able to get your practice in front of people’s videos means you’ll have first crack at major engagement and interaction down the line.

Our orthopedic PPC marketing firm can help you develop fun and engaging video ads that patients will hesitate to skip. By the end of your ad, they won’t hesitate at all to learn more about your orthopedic practice.

If someone has left your website, it doesn’t mean you can’t reach them.

Remarketing ads are simple advertisements that appear to someone after they’ve left your site. They serve as a little reminder to revisit or finish completing an action they may have left undone before they left.

Our PPC marketing professionals in the orthopedic sector can develop effective remarketing ads campaigns that will remind patients of what you have to offer. Sometimes all it takes is a little reminder to bring them back and convert them into a loyal patient. Let us help you tap into that potential today.

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Holistic Audiology ad management services

PPC advertising is a vital part of any successful digital marketing strategy. It can help spread the word about your practice to patients who may not have otherwise heard about it in organic channels.

But it’s a big investment of time and money. And you’re already running your own practice—so how can you possibly manage an intensive advertising campaign and perform the day-to-day responsibilities of an orthopedic specialist?

The answer: you don’t have to.

We’ve made a name for ourselves by creating a firm that is capable of managing all your PPC advertising, and other digital marketing needs all in one place. We can function as your multi-purpose marketing company, a couture outfitter who can build successful campaigns for your digital marketing strategy, so you can focus on growing your practice.

When you partner with us, you’ll be working with your very own on-demand marketing firm with a team of industry experts ready to help you optimize your PPC campaigns and other marketing strategies to their very best.
If you’d like to learn more about what we do, try comparing your practice to others in the industry, or request a free digital analysis from our firm. We’re happy and ready to provide you the resources to succeed—all you have to do is take the first step.

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Why we're the best for Audiology advertising

Reach out to us today to start making the most out of your ad budget.

Top-notch digital ads specialists

PPC advertising is a great way to reach new patients and grow your orthopedic practice. Our team of digital advertising specialists has extensive experience running PPC campaigns all across the country. We know what it takes to court a variety of different audiences, and we’re confident that we can develop an effective PPC advertising strategy tailored specifically for your orthopedic clinic that will generate an impressive return on investment & patient base.

An unbeatable technology stack

These days, it pays to have the best people and the best technology—and we have both.  Our digital marketing firm is constantly on top of new developments and innovations in the world of orthopedics, and we are always working to implement new technologies into our marketing efforts, as well as streamline existing ones, both for our clients and for ourselves.

We care about our community

We believe that one of the biggest benefits of any good orthopedic clinic is the ability to help the surrounding community grow and develop.  Whenever we can help someone grow their practice just a little more, we take that chance.  Bit by bit, we hope to build up the communities we call home, and if this is how it starts, we’re more than happy to keep working for our neighbors, every day.  

Digital ads projects we've done

We’re proud of the work we’ve done for our clients, partners, and friends. Use the links below to view some of our creative design projects and see how they’ve benefited our clients.

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Indiana Regional Imaging Center


Appointment Requests
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Forest City DI


Increase in Monthly Sessions
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McDonald Optical


Conversion Rate
How much does it cost?

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Why is Audiology PPC advertising important?

When it comes to pay-per-click marketing in audiology markets, the numbers don’t lie:

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Recent studies show that Google ads brought in $2 of revenue for every $1.

Businesses typically see a return of $2 for every $1 spent on Google Ads, making it an effective way to reach more patients. For anesthesiology practices and clinics, digital advertising can help them expand their patient base by increasing visibility and reach.

For example, a clinic could use targeted advertising to reach individuals searching for anesthesiologists in their area, ultimately leading to more appointments and higher revenue.


Frequently asked questions

We know the world of audiology PPC advertising can be daunting and sometimes overwhelming. Which is why we’ve compiled a list of FAQ’s.

More traffic, leads or sales. All results will vary depending on the aim of the campaign, the budget, and the industry.

We will uncover this once we get to know about your business. Each business is different and requires a specific solution, but don’t worry your account manager will help guide you through your choices.

Our processes are set up so we can get you started as quickly as possible once we get the information and accounts required from you.

You will be connected to our amazing digital ads specialist, Erin, who is an expert in her field.

Initially, we send out a questionnaire to get basic information from you. After that, we will get all of our information from our discovery meeting with you.

Yes, that is included in our digital advertising services. We will monitor the campaign and the analytics.

When you sign on with Aelieve for your digital advertising services, you will be set up with our analytics dashboard. This dashboard will give you real-time access to your campaign analytics so you can monitor the results every step of the way.

That depends on what kind of campaign we are running as well as the nature of your business. In general, we will typically write the ad copy for you. Our digital ads specialist, Erin, and our copywriter, James, are both well versed in ad copy.

How Audiology digital advertising benefits your practice

Increase in brand awareness
Growth in patient base
Better user engagement
Top spot in Google search results
Becoming a "household" name

Superior pay-per-click advertising for Audiology practices.

Getting the word out about your practice can be difficult, but with audiology pay-per-click marketing services from our team, you’ll get the boost in search you need to be seen.
When you partner with us for your PPC needs, you’re working with a team of market experts who know how to get your practice seen by new patients, drive engagement from existing ones, and get your name out there like never before. With the right approach to budget and an experienced group of marketers behind the wheel, your campaigns will exceed and excel expectations.
So get in touch with one of our digital marketing representatives, and we’ll start working on a winning PPC campaign for you, today!

Audiology digital advertising pricing

Search Ads

Show up in Google before anyone else.

Social Ads

Get visibility and ad reach on the social media channels of your choice. 

Programmatic Ads

Develop an automated ad strategy that is cost-effective and engaging. 

Retargeting Ads

View all of your analytics from your website to your campaigns in one place.

$ 99/mo
Video Ads

Show up in Google before anyone else.

Audio Ads

Get visibility and ad reach on the social media channels of your choice. 

Display Ads

Develop an automated ad strategy that is cost-effective and engaging. 

Centralized Ads Analytics

View all of your analytics from your website to your campaigns in one place.

$ 99/mo
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