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Indiana Regional Imaging Center

Aelieve Digital Marketing performed a complete redesign of Indiana Regional Imaging Center’s website by implementing functions such as contact and appointment forms, updating their site to be more navigable and visually engaging, and creating pages for each of their services optimized for search engines.
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Merriville, IN

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Indiana Regional Imaging Center overview.

Indiana Regional Imaging Center is a premier diagnostic imaging facility that has been serving the greater Merriville area since 2003. From X-Rays, to CT Scans, Mammography, Ultrasounds, and more, Indiana Regional Imaging Center provides vital healthcare services to the surrounding community, all done with the latest in diagnostic imaging technology.
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Our marketing approach.

Indiana Regional was in need of a site that was optimized for search, provided form functionality — appointment forms, contact portals, insurance information, and so on — and refreshed their prior site’s look with sleeker, friendlier visuals that still conveyed a cohesive sense of their brand.

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Indiana Regional Imaging Center


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