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Top Optometrist Digital Marketing Services

Optometrists have a hefty job—one that rests on ensuring that your patient’s eyes are healthy and taken care of and that they can feel comfortable coming to you for all of their optometry needs. That means digital marketing services for your optometry clinic are most likely the last thing on your mind is trying to figure out and strategize a strong digital marketing strategy.


We here at Aelieve understand that and that’s why we offer quality and award-winning optometry digital marketing services such as:


  • Search engine optimization
  • Social media marketing
  • Digital advertising 
  • Reputation management 


And so much more.


With our digital marketing services for optometry clinics, we will craft a digital marketing strategy that puts your clinic at the forefront and top of the digital market. So, if you’re in need of an optometry digital marketing agency that thrives off of individuality, results, and award-winning strategies, look no further than our team here at Aelieve Digital Marketing. Get in touch with our agency today.

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Our Optometry digital marketing tech stack

We pride ourselves on staying ahead of the curve when it comes to technology. When you work with Aelieve, know you are getting the latest and greatest.

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All-in-one Analytics Dashboard

A comprehensive dashboard where you can access all of your analytics almost sounds too good to be true—not when working with us. Get insight and access to better understand and craft your marketing strategy.

Our menu of Optometry digital marketing services

Your website is essentially the window into the soul of your optometry clinic, meaning that patients are judging your services & values on the information presented to them when they click on your link. You have about five seconds to really wow your patients, which is exactly why we here at Aelieve offer award-winning creative services when it comes to web design. But we don’t stop there—we also offer state-of-the-art hosting & security services as well that ensure that your website is running efficiently and smoothly whenever your patients are using it.

Great web design engages, informs, and looks beautiful to patients. When you work with our web design services for optometry clinics you’re getting a website that is both functional and aesthetic–which you and your patients will love.

The power of SEO can make or break your website when it comes to ranking high enough so that your patients can find you easily when searching optometry keywords or phrases. Our copywriters do a deep dive into researching what keywords and phrases rank highly and perform well within the world of optometry. We also do competitor research where we see what keywords the competitors are using to ensure that your copy is unique to your optometry clinic.

With leading optometry SEO services, your website will rank in no time—meaning that your patients won’t just be able to find you easily and your patient base will increase, it also means that #1 spot on Google is yours.

Social media platforms are used by around 4.7 billion users per day, and that number is growing every single day. That means for optometry clinics it’s your time to shine by showcasing your brand and services through the world of social media.

Posting pictures, videos, or infographics describing your brand, your services, updates, and upcoming events can be an effective and engaging way to connect with your patients in a medium that is often viewed as more relaxed as well as more accessible. With the ease of sharing, liking, loving, and saving, social media marketing services for optometry clinics is a great way to not only connect with your patients but show up for a newer target audience, all with the post of a picture.

In this digital age of advertisements, it’s important to market your optometry clinic in a way that reaches a wide variety of potential patients. With the help of PPC or pay-per-click advertising strategies, your optometry clinic will be on a wide variety of sites, which means that you’re being seen. 

PPC advertising is an immediate way to receive engagement from potential patients across a wide variety of sites such as Google, social media channels, and even some video platforms. That means that your patient base is increasing all with the help of just one click.

What people say about you matters–especially in the world of digital marketing. One negative review or no reviews at all can sway a potential patient away from your optometry clinic in a moment. On the contrary, if a patient is looking for an optometry clinic and sees yours with a high Google star rating as well as a roster full of raving reviews, your chances of bringing them in for your services skyrocket. 

Here at Aelieve we offer top-rated and results-driven reputation management services for your optometry clinic. This can include SMS and email marketing as well as giving you access to an all-inclusive & holistic review management dashboard that allows you to read and respond to reviews in real-time, which means you’re creating a strong bond with your patients, and one that they trust.

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Holistic Optometry marketing services

Digital marketing is a key component when it comes to showcasing your brand and business on the world wide web and trying to find a digital marketing agency that encompasses all of the services you need and more can be hard to find.

Aelieve understands this struggle—that’s why we pride ourselves on being a holistic optometry digital marketing provider, with services that range from email marketing, web design, social media marketing, SEO services, and more. Having a one-stop shop for all of your digital marketing needs isn’t only cost-effective, it makes your life easier.

That way you can keep helping your patients, while we take care of everything else. 


Our digital marketing visionaries work day in and day out to ensure that we are providing the best when it comes to digital marketing services. Utilizing best practices, to making sure we have the best tech and software compared to the competition, here at Aelieve we know that showing your brand to the world is important. Your optometry clinic deserves a digital marketing strategy that is holistic as well as results-driven, with a team ready to help you help others.

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An award-winning Optometry marketing agency


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What makes us the best at Optometry digital marketing

Your optometry clinic deserves to be seen—which is exactly our specialty here at Aelieve. A good optometry digital marketing agency will not only talk about their results but will have hard evidence of them as well, which we do.

Patient Visibility

With our devoted copywriters ensuring that your copy is full of keywords and phrases that rank high within Google, your patients will be able to find your clinic with ease. No more digging around and scrolling trying to find you, you’ll be up at the top, right where you belong.

Holistic Services

Gone are the days of having to hire multiple people or agencies to do your marketing, with our team here at Aelieve, you’ll have access to everything you need & more. We have experts on almost every facet of the digital marketing scope and know exactly how to utilize those services to get your optometry clinic out there for the world to see.

Become A Leader

Your patients want someone they can turn to and trust when it comes to their eye care or overall health. That means that if your website is easy enough to access and find, your quality health information will be a comfort to patients across the web. You’ll be able to engage and inform your patients all with the help of our digital marketing services for optometry clinics.

A few projects we've done

We’re proud of the work we’ve done for our clients, partners, and friends. Use the links below to view some of our creative design projects and see how they’ve benefited our clients.

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Indiana Regional Imaging Center


Appointment Requests
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Forest City DI


Increase in Monthly Sessions
McDonald FeaturedImage 01

McDonald Optical


Conversion Rate
How much does it cost?

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Optometry digital marketing statistics you should know

The numbers speak for themselves. Digital marketing is one of the key ways to get your brand and clinic online for your patients to see and find. We’ve compiled some of the top statistics that we utilize to showcase the sheer power of digital marketing for optometry.

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of overall marketing budgets are put toward digital marketing.

With over half of your marketing budget being spent on digital marketing channels, it’s important to have one that reflects your brand, and values and is results-driven so that you can showcase your optometry services to the web. It’s also important to have a quality relationship with a digital marketing agency that is holistic and knows exactly how to curate a marketing strategy just for you. 

Example:  One practice spends money on posters, fliers, an ad in the local paper, and a billboard on a nearby town.  Another spends their budget on a website, video content, social media posts, and a digital advertising campaign.  While the first practice may see more short-term returns, the second has greater potential for long-term growth and a larger net of discovery, and therefore a better chance at more bookings—anyone can see your website, only a few people in your area will see a billboard or a flier.

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0 %
of all marketing is digital.

How the world sees you is important—especially when it comes to services as crucial as optometry. That means that over half of the world is utilizing digital marketing to make it’s mark. Whether it’s through digital ads, web design, SEO best practices or more, the future of marketing is digital.

Example: Social media alone is used by over 4.7 billion people.  Will your marketing net you that much traffic?  Probably not.  But you can get a small piece of an expanding market by investing in digital marketing now, before it solidifies and territories become increasingly more difficult to enter into—before that 55% becomes 65%, 75%, or even higher. 

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0 %
of internet users search online at least once a month.

Having your optometry clinic online is the top way to ensure an increase in the patient base as well as being accessible & visible to the world. With a majority of users using the internet to find and search out information, it’s important to have your website rank so that you can be an information leader in your niche. 

Example: An older person is searching online one  day, and ends up going down a rabbit hole on aches and pains.  They’ve had occasional discomfort with their eyes for a while, and realize after their reading that it could be a condition easily treated by an optometrist.  They search for optometrists in their area, and because your site is optimized, they find you.

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Why you should invest in our digital marketing servics


Marketing strategy just for you

We here at Aelieve thrive under the banner of individuality and know that every optometry clinic and business is unique in its own way, which means that when you sign on with us for your digital marketing needs, you’re getting a specifically curated marketing strategy just for you. 

Not the optometry clinic down the street or in the next town over, just for you.

We take our time to understand what and how our digital marketing services will perform best for you all the while keeping you in the loop as much as you want to be. Optometry digital marketing services shouldn’t be hard, and they don’t have to be when you’re working with our team of experts here at Aelieve. Let us help you help others.


Visible results

Actions speak louder than words, and results speak for themselves. We know that the work you’re doing is important and critical to the health of your community and those beyond it, which is why we work our hardest to provide results that help you succeed in your business goals.

We offer quality and holistic digital marketing services that have won us award after award and has kept us at the forefront of the digital marketing industry. We have helped hundreds of clients reach their marketing goals and continue to grow their businesses all through our holistic and tried-and-true approaches to digital marketing.

When you sign on with us here at Aelieve you’re signing onto a team of digital marketers that care about your optometry clinic, which means we will stop at almost nothing to ensure you see the results you want and deserve.

Optometry digital marketing services done right

Digital marketing for optometry is like a great pair of glasses–necessary and beneficial when the prescription is correct. A great digital marketing company and strategy can take your optometry clinic to the next level and help potential patients see you clearly—through great web design, award-winning creative services, results-driven marketing, and advertising campaigns, your optometry clinic will be at the forefront of the market in no time.

Your optometry clinic deserves to be seen and be able to continue to help your community to the best of your ability, which is why we here at Aelieve are committed to providing top digital marketing services for optometry clinics that we can. So that we can help you help others, through the power of digital marketing. Reach out today to start your digital marketing journey with us here at Aelieve today—we can’t wait to build something great.

Optometry digital marketing pricing

Creative Design

Receive dozens of beautiful designs from our professional design team.

Web Design

Custom developed & designed websites ranging from 1-50+ pages.

Reputation & Listings

Manage your online reputation with ease. From listing sync to review generation.

Digital Advertising

Make the most of your digital advertising budget.

Social Media & Content

Grow a following with a well-defined content strategy and designs to go with it.

Lead Nurturing

Turn your leads into conversions with our lead nurturing strategies and tools.

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