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Local search optimization services that make sure your customers find you quickly and easily.

Local search optimization is how businesses with physical storefronts increase their visibility in search. 

Just about everybody uses local search through Google and Google My Business on a weekly basis at the least.  But searchers won’t find businesses unless they’ve optimized their digital presence for local search.

Local SEO is achieved through an array of different methods, some of which can be done through traditional SEO tactics, and others through specific local SEO tools.  To thrive in local search, brands need a fully managed SEO strategy with experts like us.

Why do you need local SEO?

Over half of the people who make a Google search for a local company visit the store they were searching for the same day. 

This makes local search optimization especially useful if you run a business with lots of face-to-face transactions.  Optimizing your website so that your business appears in the ‘local pack,’ which is Google’s three top local listings for a search, can bring great returns to your company.

Customers want to be able to simply and conveniently find information about your industry or business. You can make the search easier for them by using local search optimization, and in doing so, create returning customers.

How we will optimize your brand for local search.

Google My Business

Google My Business (GMB) is the single most important platform for businesses wanting to increase their local visibility.  

GMB search results appear above organic search results, meaning businesses have a prime opportunity to appear in the top three results of search queries, where searchers will see your website information, address, and phone number.

But your business won’t appear in these top results unless you have a well-optimized GmB account.  We can help with that.

NAP Consistency

A significant piece of Google’s local search algorithm can be attributed to a company’s use of consistency in NAP (name, address, phone number) listings. 

NAP consistency allows search engines to easily find your NAP information, and in turn, allows local searchers to find your NAP info so they can find your address and phone number. 

Without consistent NAP across all directory listings, Google doesn’t know which information is correct and they won’t rank your business in local search.

Inbound Links

Search engines simply want to display the best-optimized and most trusted brands in local search. 

One of the best ways to signal trust to authority in search is to gain inbound links from other local or regional websites.

Gaining inbound links from organizations such as Chambers of Commerce, vendors, and other affiliates will show search engines your authority in your area.

Local search optimization broken down by frequently asked questions.

What is local search optimization?

Today, all businesses need to be visible in local search results.  The question is: how can you make your business more visible?  

One way to do so is by implementing an SEO strategy that ensures your business is listed for local listings on Google.  If you have a physical location or serve a geographic area, then local SEO can help your business get noticed by more people.

Why is local search optimization important?

Local SEO is a powerful way to connect with your community.  It allows you to share information about your business, such as the address and phone number, on the web.  This gives more exposure to the people in your area, which can make your company better known.

How can I find good local search optimization services?

Well what do you know, you can find them right here.  Aelieve Digital Marketing will help you develop local search optimization tools and techniques that will get you to the top of the heap.  Ring us up today! 
Reaching our expectations is an understatement. They did that, plus so much more. They have taken our online presence at Thompson & Company Salon Parlor to a new level.
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