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Website rescue services for businesses of any size.

Technical Difficulties can really throw a wrench in not only how customers interact with your website but also your business as a whole. Let us handle it!

Database errors, Spam Comments, Bugs, Plug-in Problems, Speed Issues—all of these are potential lapses in security that your website deserves to be rescued from.  Anything that inhibits high-quality user interaction is worth fixing!

Our website rescue process.

Assess The Problem

We are a big-picture team.  We evaluate problems at the level of the entire system, rather than merely fixing front-facing facades.

Apply Elbow Grease

Websites are complex webs of information stored in various places interacting in unique ways. We figure out what should go where, so that a website can function as smoothly, swiftly, and effectively as possible.

Hand The Keys Back To You

We’re happy to continue to help in any way we can, but if you’d like autonomy, we get it—we’ll be here when you need us.

What you get when you choose Aelieve for your website rescue.

Database Errors

Failing to connect to the database will break your website. Straight up. Our team will make sure error messages don’t happen.

Speed Problems

A slow website can seriously deter your audience from interacting with you or your products; faster websites tend to encourage conversions.

Back In Business

Our work puts you back at the helm of your business. Keep running your business as you do, and if anything comes up, you know where to find us.

We'll rescue, so you succeed.

We take the time to learn the dynamics of your business, enabling us to develop unique strategies that fit your exact needs in regard to fixing your website and relaunching it as quickly as possible.

Speed Problems

The question in website rescue should always be: ‘how fast can we fix this.  With the speed at the forefront of our mission, and efficiency orienting how we approach problems, rest assured we’ll work tirelessly until the job is complete.


Website Rescue, especially in the case of hacking or spam, comes down to safeguarding your website and your business not just once, but in an ongoing commitment to security. We do that.

Website rescue broken down by frequently asked questions.

What is web rescue?

Website rescue is a service that allows a technological consultant or advisor to recover lost data, repair errors in website performance, or overhaul general operations so that the site can function at optimal or supra-optimal levels.  

Why is web rescue important?

If your website goes down, if data becomes lost or deleted, or if someone attempts to break into it, website rescue becomes a vital means to recover, protect, and restore any data, systems, or services that may have otherwise been compromised.  

How can I find good web rescue services near me?

Your website rescue team is right here.  Aelieve Digital Marketing is ready to provide you with service technicians who are fully prepared to help you with any trouble that might occur on your site.  Get in touch with us today to see how our website rescue services can help you!

Reaching our expectations is an understatement. They did that, plus so much more. They have taken our online presence at Thompson & Company Salon Parlor to a new level.
Bobby Thompson
Owner • Thompson & Co.
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