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Leading cloud hosting management and support services for the modern business.

Powered by Google Cloud Platform and its 18 global data centers, we offer high-quality cloud hosting services for your website.  With Google Cloud Platform, everything is interconnected over their premium tier network, designed to minimize distance and hops, resulting in fast and secure transport of your data.

We provide you with your own virtualized private cloud server with dedicated resources.  Cloud servers are more scalable than a dedicated server, and enable access to an immense number of customization tools.

Built on Google Cloud Platform.

Our infrastructure is built on Google Cloud Platform, which puts the power of Google’s hardware at your fingertips—that means your site can scale up to your needs, and the power is always there when you need it.

We don’t just sit around waiting for hacks to happen, and we keep our server software up to date and constantly monitor events network-wide.  Suspicious activity is investigated and dealt with immediately. 

If your website is hacked, we guarantee that we’ll fix it for you with immediate priority. Our technicians have years upon years of experience dealing with all sorts of WordPress issues, and they will work diligently to restore your site to perfect working conditions. 

Spend less time worrying about your website and more time growing your business. Whether you need to roll back your site or you’re hit with a sudden surge of traffic, Aelieve’s got you covered every step of the way.

Speed Matters. Amaze Your Visitors.

Google Cloud Platform

Industry-leading price/performance and future-proof infrastructure. 

Google Cloud CDN

World fastest content delivery using Google’s global network. 

Google Cloud DNS

Reliable, resilient, low-latency DNS serving Google’s worldwide network. 

LiteSpeed Enterprise

Commercial web server specialized in WordPress caching and PHP processing. 

What are the benefits of cloud hosting?

Here at Aelieve, we’ve integrated the next-generation Content Delivery Network. 

Our platform was designed and built to integrate emerging technologies to ensure our customers receive the most advanced protocols on the web, both today and tomorrow.  

We check the status of all websites we host every 2 minutes.  That translates to 720 checks for each of your sites every day. We backup your sites at least once every day. 

And should the worst happen, you’ll be able to reinstate a backup of your site with the push of a button.  We also offer separate backups on all environments—live and staging—so your development efforts are equally as safe.

Cloud hosting and management broken down by frequently asked questions.

What is cloud hosting?

Cloud hosting is a type of hosting that allows for applications to be hosted on a network of connected virtual and physical servers, rather than on a single server.  This gives businesses more flexibility and scalability.

Why is cloud hosting important?

Today, cloud hosting is the most popular option for businesses that are looking for an easy solution.  You can instantly allocate your resources in accordance with your website or application’s emerging needs.  This is possible because of the cluster of servers available to you.

How can I find good cloud hosting services near me?

Aelieve Digital Marketing offers top-tier cloud hosting management and support services.  Connect with our team of dedicated web designers, and let us help you take your business beyond what you thought it could be.

Reaching our expectations is an understatement. They did that, plus so much more. They have taken our online presence at Thompson & Company Salon Parlor to a new level.
Bobby Thompson
Owner • Thompson & Co.
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