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Boom Boom Sportfishing

Boom Boom was in a competitive market, and needed an advantage to gain an edge. We helped them streamline and redesign their site from an aesthetic and functional perspective, and put SEO and search ad strategies in place to drive traffic and subsequent conversions.
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Waianae, HI

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Boom Boom Sportfishing overview.

Boom Boom Sportfishing makes their home on the island of O’ahu, Hawaii, and since their founding, has had one simple philosophy: We Catch Fish. And the evidence of their results is overwhelming—their site is full of photos of smiling faces holding large sportfish, and their many reviews highlight not only how wonderful of an experience the charter was, but how reliable and true to their word and philosophy the crew of Boom Boom are.
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Our marketing approach.

What Boom Boom needed was a complete redesign of their website, from both a graphic and architectural perspective. We also implemented a number of digital marketing strategies to boost their visibility in search engines. This included optimizing content for Local SEO, setting up a Google Business account, and running PPC and search advertising campaigns. The result was explosive growth that has continued to this day.

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Boom Boom Sportfishing


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