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Canonicalization Analysis

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Search Engine Optimization

Canonical analysis will help determine how search engines crawl your site.

We pride ourselves on learning, adapting, and evolving. We do this with your website as well. We analyze each part of your website to ensure all links and redirects work properly.

Canonicalization analysis is the process of telling search engines what the “standard” copy of a page is. Search Engines use this as redirects or to fix broken links that may not be active. We take the time to ensure that links on and to your site are working properly and provide you with the best SEO benefits.

The following are what we believe are the canonical tags’ best practices:

Can Be Self Referential

It’s not a problem if the canonical tag points to the current URL.

Canonicalize Your Home-Page

Prevent unforeseen problems by putting a canonical tag on your homepage.


Make sure to spot-check your URLs especially on CMS-driven or eCommerce sites.

Avoid Mixed Signals

Send clear signals so search engines don’t get confused.

Be Careful With Near Duplicates

Proceed with caution if you use canonical tags on pages with similar content.

Control Both Sides

Canonicalize cross-domain duplicates.  If you control both sides, you can tag across domains.

Canonicalization analysis broken down by frequently asked questions.

What is canonicalization analysis?

Canonical analysis is a technique that examines the relationship between two groups of variables in a data set. In order to do this, the data set is divided into two groups—X and Y.  The groups are defined based on some common characteristics from the data.

Why is canonicalization analysis important?

On a high level, canonicalization in SEO is important because it helps Google pick the right URL in the event of duplicate content.  Canonicalizing duplicates in your SEO strategy minimizes Google picking the wrong URL.

How can I find good canonicalization analysis services?

Right here.  Aelieve Digital Marketing offers you with the power of a team of web designers who will organize your website to an optimum level.  Get ahold of us today! 

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Information Architecture

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Key Phrase Research

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Schema HTML Tags

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Canonicalization Analysis

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Keyword Tracking

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