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Expand your online store.

eCommerce integrations include features and tools from outside applications that extend the functionality of a site. 

There are numerous integration types including ERP, CRM, accounting, payment, shipping, analytics, marketing, and more.  We have extensive experience incorporating third-party integrations on our ecommerce sites that add dynamic features and functionality to your website. 

Your eCommerce storefront is the face of your business online.  Behind it, you need powerful integrations that add functionality to the website, making it a better experience for your visitors, and your team. 

Whatever integration you need, big or small, we’re prepared to transform your ecommerce store into a dynamic user experience that drives growth.

We use integrations to expand your store with:


Use marketing and conversion software like Hubspot, Google AdWords, and more to utilize top-tier applications with advanced features that make your eCommerce site more dynamic.


Easily automate shipping processes through third-party integrations with applications such as Shipper HQ, ShipStation, and more.

ERP Integrations

Integrate your eCommerce store with top-notch enterprise resource planning suites like NetSuite, Brightpearl, and Microsoft Dynamics.


Whether you want to use our CRM platform, or use a third-party CRM, you’ll be able to easily keep track of customer contact information with CRM integration.


Whether you want to use third-party analytics like Google Analytics, or our own Analytics platform, we make sure that you have easy access to metrics, detailed reports, and valuable insights with performance tracking.


We can add a number of other integrations to your site. Whether your site needs integrations for dynamic tools & widgets, sales channels, or accounting & payments, we’ve got you covered.

Popular eCommerce integrations.

Our eCommerce team has extensive experience helping numerous clients achieve their e-commerce goals with strategic PPC campaigns. 

Behind each campaign is an ads account manager who is ready to talk strategy and give you an in-depth look into the results of your campaigns. They’ll clearly show you the path that leads to greater web traffic, increased sales, and a more vast online audience. 

And keep in mind, your eCommerce PPC ads manager is always just a call away, ready to answer all of your questions.

eCommerce integrations broken down by frequently asked questions.

What are eCommerce integrations?

eCommerce integrations is the process of pairing eCommerce functionality with the regular day-to-day processes, operations, and systems of a business.  This can include everything from updating shipping management software, to setting up an online store and POS system, or even just constructing an analytics program that can help with digital bookkeeping.  

Why is eCommerce integration important?

With the advent of e-commerce, businesses have an abundance of opportunities to take advantage of.  These include marketing opportunities, increased product ranges, and higher sales. With an optimized website, businesses can offer customers convenient, round-the-clock service that can boost sales.

How do I find good eCommerce integration services?

You’re closer than you think.  Aelieve Digital Marketing can provide you with a crew of E-Commerce integration experts who can streamline your E-Commerce services across your platforms.  Reach out to us today!
Reaching our expectations is an understatement. They did that, plus so much more. They have taken our online presence at Thompson & Company Salon Parlor to a new level.
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We have everything you need to start a successful online store.
What you get when you choose Aelieve for eCommerce.
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The Approach

We are experienced in what we do and always provide our expert opinion on questions related to your project. We pride ourselves in focusing on your vision only: listening to your opinions, expectations, and concerns ensures a great relationship and an even better final project.

The Expertise

Having experience in E-Commerce comes from the diversity of implemented projects. We understand how different industries demand different strategies and approaches. We have experience in anything from clothing to farm equipment.

The Team

Not only do we have the developers and designers to create you a flawless online store, but we have a sophisticated team of account managers and consultants to help you with every strategic aspect of your ecommerce plan.

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Shipping Management

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Feed Management

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Affiliate Marketing

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POS Integration

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Inventory Management

Our Industries & Verticals
We have expertise both across and within many industries.


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