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Listing Management

Build trust online with the right listing management.

Incorrect business listings can cause a frustrating customer experience and hurt your search rankings. Here at Aelieve, we help you take control of your listing information.

Listing management is the process of locating current business listings in various directories across the web in order to ensure their accuracy and consistency. Having accurate and consistent business listings improves search rankings and allows your customers to find your business information in search results.

Listings can make or break your company’s first impression. Along with customer reviews, a listing is the first piece of information that displays in search results and gives customers a good idea of your brand’s reputation. Make sure that your listings highlight the information you want your customers to know.

The Benefits of Listing Management

Help customers easily find you, keep your information consistent across all platforms, boost your brand reputation and continuously monitor your listings.

Place your brand in front of your competitors.

SEO Competitor Analysis

We conduct thorough market analyses of your industry to look at undiscovered opportunities and create great listings.

Promotional Listings

We use listings as a marketing tactic by using directory listings to highlight promotions, discounts, and sales.

Metrics Tracking

We track your local search traffic to ensure your listing information is giving your customers what they’re looking for.

Our all-in-one listings management software.

What You Get

When you receive access to our Listings Management software, you will have unlimited updates, your correct information listed on 70+ directories, protection against manipulations, real-time info sync, and continuous monitoring.

Our job is to help you get authentic reviews.

Our Reputation One review management platform collects customer reviews in real-time so you can respond to customer reviews immediately, monitor the conversation surrounding your brand, and use reviews to market your reputation.

Not only do you get your own reputation manager who does everything for you, but we also give you access to your own reputation dashboard so you can monitor your ratings & reviews across all the review sites relevant to your industry.

Listings management broken down by frequently asked questions.

What is listings management?

Local listing management is the process of maintaining your NAP data by ensuring it is always current across all customer-facing platforms.  If you don’t, when customers search for you, they might not find you. It’s important to update your information in real time.  Additionally, keep an eye out for duplicates and make sure all of your information is accurate.

Why is listings management important in digital marketing?

It’s essential to maintain and promote your business online. Without accurate contact information, potential customers will never find you. Web crawlers can’t verify you. And search engines can’t help you grow your brand.

How can I find good listings management services near me?

Well what do you know—you can find them right here.  Aelieve Digital Marketing offers elite listings management from a collection of top-tier marketers who can help develop, maintain, and update your business listings as time goes on.  Drop us a line today! 
Studies have shown that Reputation Management makes up 40% of Google's algorithm, reviews make up 25% and accurate listings make up 15%.
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Owner • Aelieve Digital Marketing
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Reputation Management

Listing Management

Reputation management is the practice of managing how people perceive your company, including responding to threats and boosting relations. Learn about Listing Management below.
Your listings synced, everywhere.
Monitor how potential customers are responding to your brand online.
Reputation management breakdown.
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What is reputation management?

Reputation management is the practice of managing how people perceive your company, including responding to threats and boosting relations. Brands should monitor how others are talking about them and their products, respond to any threats, and seize opportunities to improve their reputation.

Why is reputation management important?

Online reputation management is an important tool to use when you want to perform the necessary changes and improvements to your company’s offerings. It’s all about knowing what customers like or don’t like about your products or services. When you know this information, you have the opportunity to change the things that may be driving away potential buyers.

How can I find good reputation management services near me?

You’re closer than you think.  Aelieve Digital Marketing provides you with a core of graphic designers who will fashion a whole new look for your business.  Contact Aelieve today! 

Our Industries & Verticals
We have reputation expertise both across and within many industries.
Banking & Financial
Business Coaching
Energy & Utilities
Fishing Charters
Food & Beverage
Government & Politics
Home Services
Hotels & Event Centers
Industrial & Manufacturing
Law Firms
Professional Services
Real Estate
Solar Power
Frequently asked questions

Yes, it is possible, though not in all cases.  Cases like fake customer reviews, false or misleading press releases and inaccurate blog posts are all possible to get removed.

No.  It’s against our values and company morals to write new online reviews for clients.

We follow reputation management best practices which leads us to never recommend doing so.  This sends a wrong message to Google that the review might be fake which can lead to penalizations from Google. The best strategy is to present your customers with multiple review platforms to choose from which allows them to choose a platform they are the most comfortable using.

Different digital marketing agencies have different strategies and methods for getting more online reviews. We offer review generation services that will leverage online review management software to increase your online reviews.

The right agency for reputation management will work closely with you to devise a custom plan tailored to your business.  You will also want to look for a reputation management agency that provides you with a review management dashboard that allows you to view, respond, monitor and generate reviews all in one spot.

Absolutely. The software used by agency A will be different than the software used by agency B.  Partner with a reputation management agency that has a software with flexible targeting, facilitates listing sync with over 100 online directories, and allows for real-time monitoring. Aelieve’s reputation management software boasts all these functionalities.

Your Marketing Visionary is available to you with any questions you may have.  You can contact them via email, phone number or through their appointment link on their team page. Please allow for a 24 hour response time as sometimes, just like you, we are busy bees!