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Meet Lindsey Haag.

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Senior Creative Consultant

a.k.a. The Stylist

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Web Design, Graphic Design, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Branding, Logo Design
Personal Goal
I strive to accept challenges as an opportunity for growth and I believe that the things that make me uncomfortable are the things that will shape me into a well-rounded individual. I try to inspire others as I work to become the best person I can be.
Favorite Smash Character
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A little bit about...

Imagine, for a moment, you’re a hairstylist at a nice salon somewhere in the suburbs of Chicago.   It’s about 2:00 in the afternoon on a lazy day when someone, a mother and her daughter—maybe only eight or nine years old—come in the front door.   The daughter’s getting her hair cut today.   

You take her to the chair, tie on her apron, and as you’re getting the scissors ready near the mirror, she taps you on the shoulder.  You turn around and she presents you with a notebook.   It’s filled with cut-outs from magazines, drawings, notes—all different hairstyles.   The little girl flips to one of the pages and points at a drawing she did herself, not great, but for a kid, not bad, and says, “I think I want to try this one.”    

After the cut is done and you’ve said goodbye to her and her mother, you watch the two of them leave out the door, and for a moment, you can’t help but wonder where that little girl is going next.  

Well, Lindsey Haag could tell you.   

Lindsey Haag is a Web Designer, Reputation Management Specialist, Graphic Designer, and Social Media Marketer for Aelieve Digital Marketing, a role that involves everything from crafting professional and engaging posts across social media, to helping design the master-plan for a website’s layout.  What Lindsey essentially does is help clients find and perfect their look, a job she’s been preparing for and practicing since she’s been sitting in salon chairs.  Her job requires a person who is comfortable with themselves, confident in others, open to change, adaptable when the time calls for it, and possesses deep reserves of energy to assume any, or all, of those responsibilities when necessary—and on top of that, they have to do a pretty good job, too.   And that’s what Lindsey Haag does, every day. 

And Lindsey’s formal training certainly matches up with her personal experience and qualities.  She’s been building graphic design projects in Photoshop since her freshman year of high school; four years later, in college, she’d be in charge of managing the main Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook accounts for the University of Iowa, shaping a brand personality that students would find informative and engaging.   After graduating from Iowa with a double major in Digital Marketing and Graphic Design, she worked as a Marketing Operations Intern at another digital marketing company, and gained experience in Elementor, Audacity, Illustrator, InDesign, and Adobe Premiere.  Her professional credentials are many, and she continues to find more and more styles to add to her book.

In some way, Lindsey Haag is still that little girl in the salon chair.  She is a pursuer, cataloger, and at times perfecter, of great looks.  That kind of determination and motivation cannot be taught—it is inherent, and it is up to whoever so possesses it to use it to the best of their ability for themselves and the others around them.  Here at Aelieve, we believe that’s exactly what Lindsey does for us and our clients the moment she walks in the door.

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