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Meet Brad Clark.

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Account Manager

a.k.a. The Psychic Radio Operator

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Account Manager, Listings Manager, Marketing Visionary
Personal Goal
My goal is to help others on their path to success and personal fulfillment. When they succeed or accomplish the goals they’re working towards is when I find personal fulfillment of my own.
A little bit about...

In a way, the Internet is one massive radio, a machine designed to intercept and channel masses of countless frequencies, all intersecting with each other along infinite points at all times. It’s a mess, and without the right person behind the dials, picking out the useful bits of information—where the market might be going, how the culture might respond to a specific campaign, when the right time to introduce a new mobile feature might be, and so on—a digital marketing strategy is dead on arrival.

Luckily, Aelieve has the best operator this side of the Rockies.

Brad Clarke is an Account Manager and Marketing Strategist for Aelieve Digital Marketing. His day-to-day involves a variety of tasks, from building out and optimizing a client’s Google Business profile, to onboarding new clients, designing marketing material decks, and more. Mostly, however, his responsibilities lie in the analytical side of things, knowing how to gather, process, and deploy information for both internal and external use so that every Aelieve campaign thrives.

And Brad’s experience is a monument to this ability. His first job was as an intern for a wireless networking company, where he designed a program that would monitor company worksites and report if any unusual activity or damage had occurred. After high school, he attended Edgewood College, Majoring in Marketing and Minoring in Computer Systems. Immediately post-graduation, he secured another internship, this time for a leisure company in Breckenridge, Colorado. With a four-figure budget, Brad designed a campaign that had reservations scheduled out for the next three years; and that was just the start. A company out of Chicago came calling, and after Brad was done with them, he had driven over 750,000 mobile application installations via a lean Facebook advertising campaign. And then, finally, he came to Aelieve.

Brad Clarke has a demonstrated aptitude for finding opportunity, wherever it may be, and maximizing it to the fullest extent for his coworkers and his clients, all while keeping the whole affair under-budget. It’s a real talent that speaks to his intelligence of economy, capacity for invention, and grounded intuition when it comes to the needs of the market and the needs of his company. No matter where Brad goes, he’s able to tune in to what people need and give it to them, and we at Aelieve count ourselves lucky as a frequency he’s decided to patch himself into.