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Hi there, meet Erin Pitz.

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Digital Ads Specialist

a.k.a. The Ad Runner

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Digital Advertising, Campaign Creation, Digital Ads Optimization, Content Marketing
Personal Goal
I strive to be intentional with every interaction I have, no matter how small. I believe we all have the ability to make a positive impact on every person we meet.
Favorite Smash Character
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A little bit about...

Every morning, an alarm goes off somewhere in Iowa City at about 6:00.   The subject of the alarm shuts it off, closes her eyes, and counts down from five.  Then she gets out of bed and runs five miles.  

Afterwards, she comes to work and crafts, from end to end, winning ad campaigns for clients across the Midwest.   

Erin Pitz is the Digital Marketing Specialist for Aelieve Digital Marketing.  As one would assume from the similarity of her title and the purpose of the company, Erin is an indispensable part of both Aelieve’s business strategy, and clients it serves.   Her experience ranges from helping small businesses grow both their brick and mortar and digital presences through search, display, YouTube, app, and social campaigns; analyzing customer interactions across websites to pinpoint areas of growth, and areas of improvement, and implementing advertising plans to address both; and continuously keeping abreast of advertising certifications—of which she has over thirty hours and counting, issued from Google and Facebook alone—and other news in order to keep her chops sharp and her copy crisp and effective.  

Erin’s mentality is one that could most accurately be described in the old phrase, “Mind over matter.”  Her belief in being able to surmount nearly anything through exercise of will—an ethos bolstered by her experience as a runner—is infectious to say the least, and to say it gets results would be an understatement.   She has passed through several marketing positions, an Undergraduate Degree from the University of Iowa, a rigorous internship, and the challenges she has encountered so far at Aelieve with flying colors.   

These qualities and more make Erin Pitz a vital organ of the Aelieve team, and in regards to her future, if there is a hurdle on the horizon she cannot overcome, it either does not exist, or has yet to be found and won.

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