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Meet James Kuckkan.

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a.k.a. The Writer

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Copywriting, Creative Writing, Screenwriting, Design, Brand Identity
Personal Goal
I really enjoy meeting people and learning about them. As corny as it sounds, everyone really does have a story, and they’re far more interesting than most people often give themselves credit for. If I’m able to use my ability to help people realize that their stories are meaningful, that they do matter, and that they deserve to be written down properly, somewhere, then that’s what I’m more than happy, and more than grateful, to do every day.
Favorite Smash Character
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A little bit about...

It’s easy to think of the writer as a mystically haggard figure, bent over a desk in some house on top of a mountain or buried in the tumbled brick of a long-forgotten apartment complex where they spend their days spinning heaven-sent messages from their fingers through their pencils and keyboards.

The reality is much more mundane.  Most writers spend a majority of their time staring off into space and occasionally, usually frantically, getting down whatever thoughts they manage to pull from the ether and string together before they forget what they’re doing and get distracted again.

Sometimes, one of these recluses actually goes outside, and on a rare occasion, they wander into a job and end up working for a living.

James Kuckkan is the name of Aelieve’s recluse-in-residence.

James is Aelieve’s Copywriter, which means he spends his days spinning all sorts of yarns wherever his company sends him.  He could be writing nine-page informative articles, plugging in SEO phrases across an entire website, interviewing clients about their businesses, crafting email blasts and other types of press releases, and anything in-between and beyond.

And his experience so far is what you’d expect and perhaps want from someone in his position.  James started at UW-Milwaukee, majoring in Film and Communications, and finished out at UW-Whitewater with a Double Major in Creative Writing and Film Studies.  During that time, he made his living as a freelance video producer and screenwriter, and managed to sell several feature-length screenplays.  He also helped write, film, direct, and often acted in, countless student films, and eventually ended up hosting his own news program, RHA News, at UW-Whitewater.  After school, he moved to Marquette, Michigan and took a position as WLUC-TV6’s Morning Live Producer, where he jetted and interviewed people all around Michigan’s Upper Peninsula for live segments, often far before the sun came up.

James has worked in almost every area, in some capacity, of his chosen field that one could imagine.  His adaptability, endurance, and personal commitment to his craft all make him a skilled worker no matter where he’s sent, and we at Aelieve are thankful that, however it happened, he was sent here.

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