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Meet Alex Leust.

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Sales Engineer

a.k.a. The Nuclear-Powered Man With The Golden Phone

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Marketing Automation, Business Development, Sales, Digital Audits, Proposals
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A little bit about...

Business is a science, and at its core, there are atomic structures that require mapping, investigation, and improvement.  Without a dedicated researcher, both active in the lab and in the field, the science of a business’ business couldn’t be furthered, and the whole system collapses.  

Well thankfully there’s a man who knows how to keep it all running.  

Alex is the Business Development Specialist for Aelieve Digital Marketing.  His job consists of spending most of every day in his office, gathering new leads, developing the ones he’s already found, orientating new clients, and constructing business models and frameworks that Aelieve can use in the future to evolve its entrepreneurial structure.   It’s a day-in, day-out job that involves hundreds of phone calls a week, long hours, and stretches of isolation doing incredibly meticulous work.   

Luckily, Alex Leust is just the man for the job.   With a bachelor’s in Industrial Engineering from Iowa State and an M.B.A. in Marketing from Lamar University, Alex was able to develop not only the technical skills requisite for understanding current system mechanics, and constructing new ones, but he also knows how help other people understand and integrate into them as well.  He can build the whole factory, and give you the full tour.

What’s more, he has experience beyond the classroom and the office.   For a full Summer between his Sophomore and Junior years of college, Alex worked in Munich, Germany, laying the literal groundwork and wiring of the city’s technical university.  Every day, he would wake up at 4:30 in the morning, ride into the city, work for a solid—a real German, solid—fourteen hours a day, and afterwards ride back to the small town where he was staying with family.   When asked about his experience, Alex gives one statement: “If there’s one word I know in German, it’s ‘faster’.”

This all goes to demonstrate an employee and a man of pure resolve.  Few know what it means to work in the way that Alex does, and those who do will immediately recognize his diligence, aptitude for dissembling complex systems, and his invaluable capacity for empathy which allows him to communicate those systems in a way that people can actually understand them.  When it comes to work ethic and character, Alex Leust possesses both in spades, and Aelieve Digital Marketing is confident there’s no one better to help build up the ground floor of our business than him.

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