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Meet Andrew Venenga.

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Head of Internal IT

a.k.a. The Mechanic

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Computing, Networking, Software Development, Servers, Linux, Windows
Personal Goal
I would like to find a solution and simplify IT as much as possible.
A little bit about...

Every great heist has a number of roles that need to be fulfilled, to the tee, in order to pull the whole thing off without a hitch. There needs to be muscle; brains; charisma, and ability to distract; leadership; and a demolitions expert. But none of these roles work if they don’t have some kind of technical support. Someone has to know how all the tools work.

Andrew Venenga is Aelieve Digital Marketing’s IT Director. That means he’s not only in charge of overseeing day-to-day IT operations, from addressing client requests to managing Aelieve’s own technical infrastructure—it means he’s built, literally, the entire IT department from the ground up.

This may sound like a tall order, and it would be, if it wasn’t made out to someone like Andrew. Since he was nine years old, he’s been taking apart, putting back together, updated, improving, and building his own computer systems. He was taking university-level computer science courses while he was still in high school, and was able to quickly acquire both certificates in General Networking and General Computing from Kirkwood Community College, as well as a degree in Software Development from Indian Hills Community College.

After his education, Andrew went on to work a number of service-level jobs, from managing the bar at the Riverside Casino, to working as a general technical sales advisor for Best Buy. These experiences allowed him to develop the interpersonal skills necessary for interacting with widely different types of people and giving each of them exactly what they need, driving the point home that a good IT tech isn’t just someone who knows computers—they know people, too.

Andrew Venenga possesses qualities of determination, relentless energy in the pursuit of a passion, and a demonstrated personal ethic towards his work and the people it serves, all of which make him a prime member of the Aelieve Team. It’s always nice to have someone around who can remind those he works with that their problems can be as simple as turning something on and off again—and if there’s ever a need for a man who can assemble complex computer systems and has inside knowledge of how a casino works, we at Aelieve know exactly who we’re going to call on to help us get the job done.