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Video Production Services

Learn More About Sound & Voice-over

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Visual Effects

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Brand Representatives

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Video Production

Sound & Voice-over

Our world-class video production experts are ready to create your vision the way you want the world to see it. Learn about Sound & Voice-over below.
Dive deep into video production services
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Creative Scripting

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Brand Representatives

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Visual Effects

High-quality, professional sound design.

Do you have a project that needs an extra hand in sound production? Producing high-quality audio can take your final project to the next level.

Our experts know exactly how to level up the audio in your project. Whether it be a professional, high-quality voice-over or customized audio-mixing, our production team can bring your concept to reality.

Looking for voice-over talent that matches your brand voice?

Voice-Over Casting

We know exactly how to find you the perfect voice for your project; we’ll do the work for you.


We have the tools and resources to record top-level, professional voice-overs that will add a wow factor to your project.

Voice-Over Coaching

If you’d prefer to use your voice, we provide voice-over coaching services that will get your voice-over sounding top-level.

Voice-over talent can be used in many areas of media production.

Production Music

We are partnered with some of the best production music libraries offered. We can send you a custom playlist to compliment your project, and then we’ll seamlessly edit it to fit your project.

Sound Design

Our sound designers know the art of Foley sounds to make sure your project conveys your message creatively and professionally.  Take advantage of our sound effects library, and we’ll create you a custom soundscape.

Podcast Recording

Not only do we help our clients with podcast recording and editing, but we record and edit our podcast as well.  We know exactly how to help you get the high-quality audio for your show that your listeners deserve.

Learn more about sound design and why it's important for your production.

What is sound design?

Sound design is a process in which audio elements are recorded, acquired, manipulated, or generated.  This process is used in a variety of disciplines including film, television, theater, sound recording and reproduction, live performance, art, and video games.

Why is sound design important?

The importance of audio branding can be felt in many places, but most notably, in memorability.  With the number of ads we’re bombarded with daily, standing out is something every brand needs to work on!

One way to create a memorable brand is by emphasizing your sound.  Sound is key to memory recall, so brands that put an emphasis on unique audio branding have a greater chance of creating a memorable identity.

How do I find good sound design services near me?

The search is over.  

At Aelieve Digital Marketing, our video production professionals are top-tier, and more than prepared to deliver quality sound design whenever and however you need it. Get in touch with us today to see how our services can work for you!

The demand for creative media is constantly increasing. A study by Oberlo shows that 54% of consumers want to see more video content from a brand they support.
Kelley Franklin
Creative Director • Aelieve
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Some of our tools and technologies.
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The steps we take to make your video production more effective.
Our tried and tested creative process

Before we get started, we begin with a digital audit to see what is currently working for your brand and what is not.


Our design team will work with your Marketing Visionary to craft a creative strategy for your brand that will fill gaps and correct inconsistencies.


Our creatives will get started creating designs and assets for your brand, leaving you with a beautiful, cohesive brand identity that leaves an impression.

Results, Rinse, Repeat

Enjoy a consistent revenue increase as you attract new and existing customers to your polished brand and we will continue working with you on your creative needs.

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Check out our experience getting real results for real brands.
We're proud of the creative work we do.
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