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New York City Social Media Marketing

New York City social media marketing agency.

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Social Media Marketing in New York, NY

New York City social media marketing agency.

Social media began in humble university bedrooms and garages roughly fifteen years ago, and it has since evolved into a mass media complex that dwarfs nearly all other existing channels.  Many regular business owners may find themselves wondering, with all the competition, why even bother?    

Because your business deserves to have people know about it, and with our NYC social media marketing agency, they will.  

Social media can be daunting at first—but with Aelieve Digital Marketing, it won’t be for long.  Our social media managers will work with you to develop personalized posting types and strategies across a variety of social platforms to increase the reach of your brand and the volume of your voice.  

More than anything, we want to help you develop a coherent, unique social image that fits your business, so your clients, new and returning, can have the best picture possible as to who you are, what you do, and why they should come to you for what they need.  

With a great social media agency in New York, that’s possible—and that’s us. Reach out to our social media experts today, and let’s start fitting you for a social media image that works for you.  Call today!

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Our New York, NY digital marketing agency gets real results for clients.

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Why is Social Media Marketing important for your organization or business?

Think of social media as a never-ending social function where anyone, from anywhere, at any time, for any reason, can suddenly become the life of the party.   

Is it a place you want to spend all your time on? No. 

But it does confer some value to at least have some kind of a presence, even if it’s light, on social channels. For example, restaurants can use Instagram to post picture of mouth-watering new specials; a plumbing company could use its Facebook to create an ad hoc CRM, where they can engage directly with their customers; salons can use Snapchat to advertise the daily looks of their clients; and the list goes on.  

This isn’t just hot air or flashy copy from an NYC social media marketing agency, either—there are comprehensive statistics to back the value of social media up, such as:

3.96 billion
In January 2022, there were 3.96 billion social media users across all platforms.

In January 2022, there were 3.96 billion social media users across all platforms.  It’s a big, big market, and as the old saying goes, “There’s enough out there for everyone.” Businesses of all stripes and kinds deserve to have some kind of presence on social media to better increase their brand awareness, as well as creating new ways for them to be perceived by audiences of varying degrees.

83% of consumers are more likely to trust social media posts from general consumers, rather than influencer posts.

83% of consumers are more likely to trust social media posts from general consumers, rather than influencer posts. This statistic includes simple things like customer ratings and reviews, which means starting a social strategy, if only to engage your customer base, could yield an immediate increase in consumer trust and brand viability.

Consumers are 6x more likely to purchase products from a page that includes social media posts than those that don't.

Consumers are 6x more likely to purchase products from a page that include social media posts than those that don’t. Social media is an incredibly effective way to incorporate any interaction with your customers directly into your marketing strategy. This boosts confidence in your brand as well as overall engagement.

Our Social Media Marketing work

New York City Social Media projects.

We’re proud of the work that we do for our clients all around the country. Like what you see? View more case studies by clicking the link below.

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4Front Roofing


Increase conversion rate

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Our Services

New York City social media marketing services.

Fully customized Social Media Marketing solutions tailored to meet the exact needs of your business or organization.
Social Media Management

When it comes to our NYC social media marketing strategy, you'll never have to go it alone. We have dedicated social media managers who are well-versed in a variety of platforms, post types, and methodologies that can be customized for your business. They'll be with you, every step of the way.

Content Marketing

Social media posts live and die on their content—that could be anything from a short Instagram video about your company values, to a Tweet linking out to some new additions to your product line up, or a Facebook post about upcoming events, and more. By developing effective content, you engage your audience, boost visibility, and etch yourself a niche in the social media market.

Website Copywriting

Websites are primarily visual mediums, but they are secondarily written ones. Our New York social media agency copywriters aren’t just technical experts in search engine optimization and marketing copy; they know how to craft language with a tempo that keeps people reading and wanting to know a little more by the end of every sentence.

Social Media Strategy

Your social media agency in New York City could have brilliant content, top influencers, stellar audience engagement, but without a solid social media strategy, you’re practically guaranteed to lose steam faster than you can make it. Aelieve Digital Marketing will help you build a social media strategy that outlines specific goals and metrics, and helps you stay on top of your audience’s ever-changing needs while providing a map you can follow confidently forward.

Social Media Design

Much like websites, social media posts should conform to an overarching sense of design that fits with your business’ current brand and voice. At our New York social media marketing agency, we have a team of social media designers who can work with you to fashion a coherent and engaging social media brand that will keep your posts uniform while still allowing you to stand out.

Social Listening

Any social media marketing agency in New York worth its salt will have some kind of social listening program in place. “Social listening” is an industry term for analytics—we will collect user analytics from Day One, and continue to track them for as long as your campaign runs.  These measurements help us determine what’s working, what isn’t, and how to move forward with the next campaign.

Beyond A Client

We pride ourselves in going above and beyond for our clients.

Our clients are more than just a business transaction, they become our friends who we are dedicated to seeing succeed.

New York Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing services in NYC - why choose Aelieve Digital Marketing?

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Experienced At Adapting To Audiences

Aelieve Digital Marketing has ran social media campaigns all over the country. We’ve developed strategies for investment banks, hair salons, small town restaurants and bars, just to name a few. We know what it takes to build a great social media campaign for a wide variety of audiences, and we’d like to give your audience a shot.

High-Quality Posting

Quality posting on social media is as much an art as it is a science. You have to be able to incorporate various trends as they come and go into your messaging, while still presenting an appropriate and unified brand voice across your channels. Our social media agency in NYC can help you develop a social media look that’s fluid enough to stay relevant and solid enough to stick around.

Proven Results

Metrics matter in marketing, and with our experience, we’ve got the metrics to prove our marketing matters. Our social media strategies have increased visibility and traffic for a number of businesses across a range of industries, and we’re just getting started. Click here or here to take a look at some of our case studies, and see what we can do for you today.

Our Recent Awards

We're proud to be an award-winning Social Media Marketing agency.

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American Advertising Award Gold Winner


2022 Hermes Creative Award Gold Winner


2022 Hermes Creative Award Platinum Winner


2022 AMA NOVA Finalist


2022 AMA NOVA Finalist


Named A Top Web Design Agency 2020


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