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Meet Taylor Wulfekuhle.

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Director of Accounts

a.k.a. The Legacy

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Digital Ads, Conversion Optimization, SEO, Account Management, Project Management, Reputation Management
Personal Goal
In order to do right by those around me, I should be constantly pushing myself to be better; always evolving, always adapting.
Favorite Smash Character
A little bit about...

This country partially began as a business venture, and ever since then, Americans could be argued to possess an entrepreneurial spirit and genealogy unsurpassed by any that has come before or, as of the time of this writing, after them.

But so few Americans ever really get a chance to take a peek under the hood of the engine of business, the guts of what has made and makes the country tick, and even fewer understand how to make their own businesses tick to the rhythm of a mercantile clock that’s been counting the hours since 1620.

Taylor Wulfekuhle is one of the select few who doesn’t just understand the business of business—he’s lived it his entire life.

Taylor is a Partner and the Director of Accounts at Aelieve, which means he’s in charge of on-boarding the newest Aelieve clients and keeping them abreast of the marketing process, while also maintaining relationships with regular clients and making sure Aelieve’s product and services satisfy to the best of their ability, and there’s no one better suited for the job than him.  Hailing from a small town in Eastern Iowa named Independence, Taylor was raised a child—like most—of two parents, and—unlike most—two businesses.   His father ran the kennel Pets Allowed, while his mother worked for the real estate firm Kremer Appraisals.   Taylor worked at both businesses as he grew up, and learned the day-to-day struggles, pitfalls, and achievements that are experienced by small business owners firsthand.

He also learned that business can always be done better, and after graduating from the University of Iowa with a BBA in Marketing Analytics and a certificate in Entrepreneurial Management, set out to share what he’d learned in his own experience as a lifelong small business employee with those who needed his help.   And with not just twenty-odd years experience working for two separate small business, but a slew of digital marketing certificates from Google Analytics to CRM software under his belt, Taylor comes equipped with the tools and the spirit to meet small businesses with a firm and familiar handshake and the knowledge that only a few other people can do the job he does like he can.

Taylor Wulfekuhle’s on-paper job is to manage clients and make sure they’re happy and consistently well-informed throughout Aelieve’s process, but it’s his off-paper qualities—his commitment to people and their needs, his confidence in being able to help others exceed the limits they never thought they could, and his knowing what it’s like to scrap as small business with the bigger guys, to never stop learning from business and life—that make him a vital part of his customers’, his colleagues’, Aelieve’s, and his own history.

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