Ryan Toth

Call him Ryan; call him Mr. Toth; call him Steve Jobs’ heir-apparent; just don’t call him unmotivated. Ryan is the Founder and President of Aelieve Digital Marketing.  At the age of 19, when considering what he should major in at the University of Iowa, he came to the conclusion that ranking in search—how and why […]

Taylor Wulfekuhle

This country partially began as a business venture, and ever since then, Americans could be argued to possess an entrepreneurial spirit and genealogy unsurpassed by any that has come before or, as of the time of this writing, after them. But so few Americans ever really get a chance to take a peek under the […]

Kelley Franklin

Somewhere, in an alternate universe on some distant shore of a quiet tropical river, it’s not hard to imagine Kelley Franklin working behind the bar in a place of her own design, making drinks, taking simple photos of patrons, frozen memories, and wandering the jungles in her off-time looking for sights that have yet to […]

Brad Clark

In a way, the Internet is one massive radio, a machine designed to intercept and channel masses of countless frequencies, all intersecting with each other along infinite points at all times. It’s a mess, and without the right person behind the dials, picking out the useful bits of information—where the market might be going, how […]

Alex Pape

Ancient myths of gods and goddesses.  Medieval knight’s tales.  Westerns.  Superheroes.   Different mediums, same stories—and every generation needs someone with a good eye to paint the pictures of heroes that will last a lifetime.   Oh, look, here’s one of those someones right now.   Alex Pape is the graphic designer and videographer for Aelieve Digital Marketing. […]

Lindsey Haag

Imagine, for a moment, you’re a hairstylist at a nice salon somewhere in the suburbs of Chicago.   It’s about 2:00 in the afternoon on a lazy day when someone, a mother and her daughter—maybe only eight or nine years old—come in the front door.   The daughter’s getting her hair cut today.    You take […]

Erin Pitz

Every morning, an alarm goes off somewhere in Iowa City at about 6:00.   The subject of the alarm shuts it off, closes her eyes, and counts down from five.  Then she gets out of bed and runs five miles.   Afterwards, she comes to work and crafts, from end to end, winning ad campaigns for […]

James Kuckkan

It’s easy to think of the writer as a mystically haggard figure, bent over a desk in some house on top of a mountain or buried in the tumbled brick of a long-forgotten apartment complex where they spend their days spinning heaven-sent messages from their fingers through their pencils and keyboards. The reality is much […]

Paige Ernst

Honesty, style, the ability to empathize and understand different perspectives, and a capacity to synthesize the larger world and distill it into a concentrated fragment that all, or at least many, can approach and understand—that’s what goes into a piece of writing every time an author sits down at their desk.  It’s not as easy […]

Alex Leust

Business is a science, and at its core, there are atomic structures that require mapping, investigation, and improvement.  Without a dedicated researcher, both active in the lab and in the field, the science of a business’ business couldn’t be furthered, and the whole system collapses.   Well thankfully there’s a man who knows how to keep […]