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Social Media Management

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Social Media Management

Social media management is the process through which brands utilize social platforms to reach new audiences, expand their reach, and drive traffic to their online or physical stores. Creating content that resonates with social audiences and with which social users engage is the goal of all social media management. Here at Aelieve, our social media team is composed of professionals copywriters, graphic designers, and content strategists that are ready to help your brand achieve its goals, and help you build a loyal social following.
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Social media
management with Aelieve.

Our Social Media team creates comprehensive social media marketing strategies that outline deliverable and measurable business goals for social channels. We document actionable plans and create a content calendar to carry out a social media strategy that drives digital growth.

We’ll help you define rules for engaging with users in the social community. Next, we’ll develop a plan to reach out to influencers who will then leverage their networks for content distribution. Finally, we’ll track analytics and ROI for each ad and determine areas for improvement. We know social media, and we’re prepared to help you.


Social marketing may be
the only marketing you need.


Twitter is a fantastic social media platform for brand’s looking to become an authority in a their industry. Twitter is one of the premier social channels for brands to develop a distinct voice and personality. Twitter’s main feature is small posts that are concise and pack a punch. Brands can create brief text or video posts that express their goals and values, and also enables brands to publicly interact with customers to build trust.


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Facebook is one of the top social channels for brands to create shareable organic posts and advertisements. Facebook has the largest user base of any social channel, and enables brands to use numerous features to publish posts that boost brand awareness and engagement.


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Instagram is the ultimate picture and video sharing platform for trendy brands looking to attract younger audiences. Instagram is focused on graphic content, and is a surefire social channel to build a social audience with custom graphics and professional photographs.


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LinkedIn is the ultimate business social media platform. A LinkedIn social strategy enables brands to connect with other businesses, professionals, and potential recruits with professional content that conveys your brand’s authority.


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Video content is undoubtedly the best online content medium, which makes YouTube an invaluable social channel for any social media management. Our media production team is ready to help you use YouTube to your advantage with custom branded graphics, videos, and content that is optimized for search with intuitive titles, descriptions, and more.


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Pinterest is a powerful social channel for sharing information, enabling brands to share their content and direct users to their website. A primarily female-dominated platform, Pinterest is a great opportunity for businesses with female target audiences.


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