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Customer Surveys

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Extract the customer experience.

Traditional customer surveys lack the ability to measure today’s hyper-connected, mobile-first consumer society. Lengthy surveys are often sent at the wrong time and are rarely engaging for customers, leaving them mostly incomplete. Our surveys are designed to give enterprises the traditional surveys they know, adapted to fit today’s customer connected journey.

Our surveys allow for open text feedback, which enables customers to submit open-ended responses, enabling you to unearth insights you might not expect. Our surveys are optimized for mobile users because we know that most consumers are completing surveys today via mobile, increasing the probability of survey engagement.
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Key Benefits


Uncover valuable
customer insights.

Your product or service was created for your customers and so it’s important that you provide them with a positive experience. Their feedback is used to understand customer satisfaction, gauge customer needs, and understand problems with your products or services.

Customer surveys are an essential aspect of sustainability and growth for your business. You want to know everything that your customer is willing to divulge about their experience because their feedback is what determines some of the most important decisions for your business moving forward.


Get to know those who matter to your brand.

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Types of surveys.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Customer satisfaction surveys are great ways to better understand your relationship with your customers. Be sure to remind your customers that you value their service.



Employee Surveys

Employee surveys help you to understand what your employees are thinking, what makes them frustrated, and what needs to be done to to keep them engaged.



Market Research Surveys

Growing businesses need to understand the markets they’re venturing into. Use market research surveys to determind important information like demographics, hobbies, or age.



Product Feedback Surveys

You need to know what your customers think about your products in order to uncover valuable insights and figure out how to improve the next round.



Opinion Polls

Need to understand what specific demographics think about something? Or quick feedback from a specific audience? We create opinion polls to give you the answers you need.




Our job is to help you
get authentic reviews.

Our Reputation One review management platform collects customer reviews in real-time so you can respond to customer reviews immediately, monitor the conversation surrounding your brand, and use reviews to market your reputation.

Not only do you get your own reputation manager who does everything for you, but we also give you access to your own reputation dashboard so you can monitor your ratings & reviews across all the review sites relevant to your industry.