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Creative Scripting

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Create compelling videos.

The most powerful brand videos start with strategically crafted sentences that compel audiences to take action. Standard marketing videos are usually small,  only around a minute or two, so hitting a home run on each line of a script with superb writing allows businesses to get the most bang for the buck. Marketing videos need to be concise, because each second counts. This is where professional script writing comes provides immense value.
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Key Benefits

Marketing videos are one of the most successful online advertising mediums with incredible potential to engage viewers. With 65% of people being visual learners, videos that contain motion graphics are perfect for telling difficult or emotional stories with powerful voice-over and stunning visuals that craft an impactful story. But these videos can only be optimized with top-tier script writing that gives a video structure and meaning. We focus on producing outstanding scripts that lead to memorable videos.

Creative Scripting

Tell powerful stories with creative scripting.


Captivate your audience.

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Creative Touch

Our creatives know what it means to to inspire audiences. Whatever your big idea is, we have the tools to bring your imagination to life with unique concepts and strategy.
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Properly Formatted

Each script is specifically formatted for your video type by our creative professionals, allowing for a smooth and seamless recording process.
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Highly Conceptualized

We pay the utmost attention to detail, starting with the smallest details. We focus on delivering expertly written scripts that drive traffic to your business.


Keep viewers engaged.

The Aelieve media production team is made up of talented creatives with years of experiences in creative scripting, helping businesses turn words into inspirational marketing videos. For anything you need, whether it’s a commercial, social media ad, or even top-notch copy writing, our team of creative script writers know exactly what it takes to grab an audience’s attention. From the initial concept, to the full evolution of your company’s vision, we’re ready to help you tackle your next big idea.