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Leverage the power of video ads.

Energize target audiences.

Video is arguably the most powerful online content form that brands can take advantage of to reach their audiences online. Video streaming platforms and social media sites alike provide companies with unique opportunities to deliver their messages with the power of video. At Aelieve, our digital ads and media production teams work together to create compelling video ads that are sure to get your brand’s message across to your target audience.

Key Benefits

Video Ads

Receive a custom video ad strategy.

We’re prepared to take your digital ads strategy to new heights with custom video ad strategy that highlights the best in your brand. Whether you’re looking for an animated production, or a live-action video, we’re your  video production team ready to help you promote your brand online,

Video Ads

Get the brand recognition
that your company needs.

Explainer Video Animation

Explainer videos are short productions that explain something to viewers, usually an idea that’s difficult to unravel, through simple means with awesome animations. Explainer videos give easy-to-understand context to your most advanced projects and make them understandable for a wider audience. These animations don’t just explain, they help to convince viewers that you have something that they need, which makes for great marketing.



Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animations are simple, yet vibrant and engaging videos that depict a hand drawing images on a whiteboard and explaining a concept to viewers. The whiteboard technique has proven to be highly effective, with 88% of online users staying longer on a website with a whiteboard animation as opposed to those without.



Character Animations

Whether you need a 3D animation of your logo or a 3D character animation, our professional animators can get the job done for you. Developing creative and aesthetic designs to help your brand tell a meaningful story is something we our passionate about. With our team of top-level animators you can rest assured that you will receive the best 3D animation service from Aelieve Digital Marketing.



Custom Live Action Videos

Custom live action videos are videos shot with real cameras, actors, and sets. They allow companies to show off their brands to their customers so that they can understand their messages in an engaging, easy-to-understand way. Companies can also use live-action to highlight company culture and create some a around their brand.



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