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SMS Marketing

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Boost customer trust.

Your audience can easily ignore an email, but over 90% will open your text message to see what you’re offering them. SMS marketing is an extremely powerful way to conduct customer outreach, provide elite customer service, and boost customer trust with the most efficient way of digital communication.

SMS marketing has become increasingly popular with its ability to be automated, saving businesses time while delivering high conversion rates. SMS enables you can build subscriber lists fast, and create new high-quality leads for your company.

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Automate your SMS campaigns
with our all-in-one software.

Our easy-to-use SMS marketing software make automated SMS messages a great investment. Setting up the automations is very simple, but can become as complex as you need. The hands-free nature of automation means you can focus your marketing resources elsewhere, but also deliver significant returns by easily building rapport and communicating with customers.
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Easily identifiable phone
numbers with Short Code SMS.

Short code SMS is the ideal SMS marketing tactic for companies looking to communicate with their customers through short, easily identifiable phone numbers. These short 5-6 digit numbers enable you to build trust with customers with numbers that they recognize. Customers will be able to opt into your SMS marketing programs by texting a word or phrase, also called a “keyword”, to your short code. The short code makes it easier for customers to opt into your SMS marketing list than traditional 10- digit phone numbers.

Short code SMS has the unique capacity to send large volumes of text messages over a short period of time. This makes short code the ideal SMS marketing option to reach wide audiences with minimal investment. There are two types of short code SMS marketing that you’ll be able to choose from, each with its respective advantages and disadvantages. These options are shared short codes, and dedicated short codes. They are discussed in greater detail below.

Shared short codes are 5-6 digit phone numbers that are shared by multiple companies or brands. Companies share their short codes because buying one outright is fairly expensive, usually running between $850-$1,500 monthly to have a dedicated short code, which I talk about in the section below. In short, shared short codes enable you to utilize short code SMS marketing strategy without paying the tab for a dedicated short code.

While a shared code is much cheaper, you'll be more restricted in terms of what you'll be able to do. Because other companies have already claimed their keywords within a shared code, your pool of possible opt-in keywords for customers is greatly reduced. This pool of available keywords will continue to be reduced as more companies utilize the shared code.

Dedicated short codes are used only be a single company. With dedicated short codes, your short 5-6 digit phone number is dedicated to your brand and cannot be utilized by other brands. This means you're pool of opt-in keywords is limitless and you'll be able to choose the most relevant keywords.

There are two types of dedicated SMS short codes. Random short codes are randomly produced 5-6 digit codes, while vanity short codes are 5-6 digit codes that you can define so long as that code isn't already being used.

Random short codes have the advantage of being cheaper than vanity codes. However, randomly generated short codes don't enable you to create the easily recognizable codes that you're able to create with vanity short codes. anity short codes are more expensive because the U.S Short Code Administration charges a premium for you to choose and maintain your number of choice. Still, vanity short codes are preferable to random short codes because they are far easier to remember and create a greater sense of trust between you and your customer. A good example of an easily memorable and valuable short code might be "444222," or "000888."


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