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Programmatic Ads

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Automate the digital advertising process.

Progammatic ads.

Programmatic ads are one of the most effective digital ad mediums. They enable websites to target specific customers when they’re visiting a specific page through automated ad auctions.

Websites can set up their pages in a marketplace for programmatic marketing, allowing other websites to bid for their ads to be seen. When an individual fits into a advertising company’s target market, the company with the largest bid wins and their ad is displayed. Companies set their maximum bid ahead of time, and let the programmatic marketplace handle the rest, making digital advertising smooth and seamless.
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Key Benefits


Why use
programmatic ads?

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Increase ROI

The automated nature of programmatic ads enable companies to do advertising efficiently. Companies gain great savings from targeting only the online users that 

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Boost Productivity

With programmatic advertising, you can boost your productivity. Plus, you can dedicate your time to other high-priority tasks that demand your attention. The reason is that programmatic advertising handles the process of bidding and purchasing ad space for you — it doesn’t require your help.

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Streamline Ad Management

Since programmatic advertising uses automated, real-time bidding, you’ll also save time and drive better results. Our digital ads team will put you at ease since we continually monitor your ad campaigns and identify solutions for improving your ads to maximize conversions and revenue. 


Deliver ads to the right customers.

After receiving information on the available ad space, the programmatic process evaluates a user’s cookies. The goal here is to learn as much as possible about the user, from their demographics to their interests, to deliver a relevant ad. Through this process, your ads are delivered only to the customers who are most likely to find your products or services of value


How we do
programmatic advertising.

Demand Side Platforms

Platforms that allows you to purchase ad space through a programmatic ad marketplace like Google Ad Manager which features advertising inventory from publishers.

Supply Side Platforms

Platforms that allows publishers to manage and offer ad space to advertisers, marketers, and other parties interested in purchasing ad space.


Get started with
programmatic ads today.

If you’re ready to start using programmatic digital marketing, look no further than Aelieve. We’re a full-service digital marketing company with experience in creating programmatic campaigns.

Our team of digital ads experts will bring their knowledge and experience to your campaign. You’ll get a customized plan to fit your business’ needs and goals.

We are driven to bring our clients success.  We put our clients’ success first and work to earn them the best possible results.