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Meet Paige Ernst.

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a.k.a. The Author

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Copywriting, Creative Writing, Screenwriting, Design, Brand Identity
Personal Goal
To become the author of my own story, and leave people and places better than I found them.
Favorite Smash Character
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A little bit about...

Honesty, style, the ability to empathize and understand different perspectives, and a capacity to synthesize the larger world and distill it into a concentrated fragment that all, or at least many, can approach and understand—that’s what goes into a piece of writing every time an author sits down at their desk.  It’s not as easy as one might think, and those skills are even more difficult to truly apply in one’s own life, much less their work. 

Luckily for us, Paige Ernst seems to apply these skills naturally and with aplomb every day.  

Paige is a Copywriter for Aelieve Digital Marketing.  This doesn’t mean she only knows how to craft lean and tightly-written ad copy, or optimize an entire site so it shows up at the top spot in search results, or consult with a client about how to completely re-imagine their brand voice into something couture and becoming of them—don’t get mistaken, she knows how to do all that and more.  

But an Aelieve Copywriter isn’t just someone who knows the job.  They’re someone who has come to the job with a passion for life, and a mosaic of experience.  They know how to talk to everyone from an investment banker to a plumber to the owner of a salon, and what needs to be done to tell their stories properly.   

And Paige has experience in spades.  Initially a double major in Music and Theology at St. Ambrose college, she later transferred to the University of Iowa and studied Communications.  Through her schooling, she studied communication techniques across a range of fields, including Law, Journalism, and Political Science.  This diverse track lends her a uniquely broad scope of insight into how various fields communicate with each other, and the larger world—not an invaluable skill for someone who often has to make complex business information digestible for a mass audience.   

Throughout her college career, Paige was also working full-time, often multiple jobs, to put herself through school.  Everything from manning a pizza oven to working third shift at a local gas station, managing an ice cream parlor to working personally with clients for Midwest Bank, she did it.  This bestows her with the invaluable experience of having actually communicated and formed relationships with a wide variety of people across her life.  She’s not just booksmart—she has a demonstrated work ethic for helping different people find solutions to their problems through her ability to communicate.  

Being an author is more than just being able to write—it’s being able to honestly engage with people, so you can tell their stories the way they deserve to be told.  Paige has done this throughout her life with a rare grace, sensitivity, intelligence, and skill that is hard to come by, and we here at Aelieve are proud to have someone tell our story, our very own author, as part of our team.