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Hi there, meet Carolyn Simon.

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Director of Administrative Operations

a.k.a. The Fabrician

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Project Management, Administration, Workflow Optimization, Human Resources
Personal Goal
I strive to learn or do something new every day. Knowledge satisfies an individual’s thirst for competence and improves happiness. Therefore, nothing is more powerful than developing new skills and knowledge
Favorite Smash Character
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A little bit about...

The Ancient Greeks believed that a man’s life was contained in a single thread, which could be cut at any time by the Fates.

Carolyn Simon may not cut thread anymore, but as Director of Administrative Operations for Aelieve, her charge over fate has gone from a single thread to an entire tapestry of bureaucratic management.  She’s responsible for everything from proposal creation to workflow optimization to payroll and more, and this web of duties is forever growing, though never beyond the range of her experience, which has a color of its own.    

Carolyn got her start after graduating from Iowa State University, working for various consulting agencies and ministry organizations, start-ups and established businesses alike, which prepared her for the diverse array of tasks and hats she’s had to perform and wear working for Aelieve.   For Carolyn, every day is different—there is no routine, and it requires a deft mind and quick fingers to operate the administrative machinery of the business, which she does with cool and aplomb.  

It’s no surprise either that, alongside writing and business communications,  Carolyn also studied fashion design, primarily through up-cycling, sustainability, and repurposed material.   She’s used to taking something that may have been looked-over and turning it, not just into something aesthetic, but functional, practical, and once again useful.  

The ability of a seamstress to patch together disparate parts to create something new may seem outmoded in the shadow of something as glossy as a digital marketing company, but it is Carolyn’s ability to weave together parts and people that may otherwise clash, or never have come together at all, and create something new that makes her an invaluable asset to clients and co-workers one and all.   

Her artistry, dexterity of mind, color of experience, and faith in the future makes Carolyn Simon a welcome addition to Aelieve, and provides a model for those who come after her to fashion themselves in likeness.

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