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Meet Alex Pape.

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Web Designer/Videographer

a.k.a. The Animator

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Web Design, Video Production, Motion Graphics, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects
Personal Goal
Create a feature film I can stand behind or a piece of art that can hang in a mansion
Favorite Smash Character
1200px banjo & kazooie ssbu
A little bit about...

Ancient myths of gods and goddesses.  Medieval knight’s tales.  Westerns.  Superheroes.  

Different mediums, same stories—and every generation needs someone with a good eye to paint the pictures of heroes that will last a lifetime.  

Oh, look, here’s one of those someones right now.  

Alex Pape is the graphic designer and videographer for Aelieve Digital Marketing.   His father, a graphic designer as well, is a both an artist—known for his landscape portraits of Dubuque, which can be seen hung across the town—and a veritable archivist of any comic he could get his hands on from 1986 onward.   Alex studied both his father’s work, and his father’s passion for comics, and grew that study into a lifelong quest to hone his own creative eye.  He furthered this pursuit at the University of Iowa, majoring in Art & Film, a period that taught him in equal parts how to personally craft effective and engaging images, and how to work among a collective of others to bring one great idea at a time to fruition by doing whatever needed to be done.

Most of what Alex does is website design, the creation of a unique brand identity tailored to the needs and style of the business it’s being fitted for.  This can be anything from the layout of a menu to the direction, editing, and writing of a promotional video, and Alex is consistently, both as an artist and an individual, seeking out new ways to illustrate clients across their sites, not just in the way that they deserve, but in the way that they are. 

There is a place for a kind of practical creative spirit in business, and that is what Alex brings to the table.   His talent, grown from a young age, is now in its opening panel—and that ambition to help others realize themselves through art, a sentiment as old as the Odyssey and as present as MARVEL Comics, makes Alex Pape Aelieve’s adamantine addition.


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