James Kuckkan

The Writer It’s easy to think of the writer as a mystically haggard figure, bent over a desk in some house on top of a mountain or buried in the tumbled brick of some forgotten apartment complex where they spend their days spinning heaven-sent messages from their fingers through their pencils and keyboards. The reality […]

Kylie Coonrad

Kylie Coonrad is the Accounting Intern for Aelieve Digital Marketing. She is responsible for pending accounts receivable, bookkeeping, invoicing, and tax filings. She is ready to learn and work on a variety of tasks, and will accomplish these tasks successfully through her organization and determination to achieve perfection. Her ability to learn new things and […]

Jordan Winke

Jordan Winke is a social media marketer for Aelieve Digital Marketing. She brings a wide range of expertise and talents, ranging from social content creation and design to market research. Jordan has been marketing-minded and creative from a young age, writing and illustrating her first book in kindergarten and creating a full advertising campaign for […]

Erin Pitz

Erin Pitz is the Digital Advertising Specialist for Aelieve Digital Marketing. Her responsibilities include creating campaigns, optimizing current ones, and remarketing. Erin is very passionate about helping companies grow through strategic digital advertising. Her experience as a marketing intern for a small business led to being featured in a magazine article about the next generation […]

Carolyn Simon

Carolyn Simon is the Director Of Administrative Operations for Aelieve Digital Marketing. She is responsible for proposal creation, pending accounts receivables and bookkeeping, workflow optimization, and task management. She knows how to get things done, relying on her ability to problem solve and move forward on a variety of tasks, taking each one step at […]

Lindsey Haag

Lindsey Haag is a web designer, reputation management specialist, and social media marketer for Aelieve Digital Marketing. She wears many hats and her expertise ranges from designing websites and ads to creating standout presences for clients on social media. She found her passion for designing at the age of 13 when asked to create a […]

Alex Pape

Alex Pape is a Graphic Designer/ Videographer for Aelieve Digital Marketing. Graduating from the University of Iowa with a double major in Design and Cinema, Alex draws inspiration from his father who is also a graphic designer and his deep love of movies to fuel his drive to create and share. Alex has created short […]

Kelley Franklin

Kelley Franklin is the creative director for Aelieve Digital Marketing. She oversees all creative assets for both Aelieve and clients but her day-to-day focus is in web design and videography. She found her passion for video production and marketing at the age of 16 while interning at a digital marketing company in Wayzata, Minnesota. She […]

Taylor Wulfekuhle

Taylor Wulfekuhle is a Partner and Director of Accounts at Aelieve. An innovative mind that strives for success, he takes pride in putting together winning strategies for clients. Marketing is a passion and Taylor is constantly looking to learn and add new strategies and ideas to his toolset. With years of experience working with small-mid […]

Ahmad Ayaz Noor

Ahmad is the Co-Founder & CTO of Aelieve Digital Marketing. He is Professional Web Developer & Programmer having 10+ years of experience. Ahmad has experience working in every programming language, database solution, and paas. Upon entering the the digital marketing space, he quickly found out that most companies were taking advantage of customer’s who didn’t […]

Ryan Toth

Ryan is the Founder & CEO of Aelieve Digital Marketing. At the age of 19 when thinking about what to major in at the University of Iowa, he came to the conclusion that ranking search was the only thing that would matter for businesses in the future. From that point on, he has dedicated his […]