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Relive Physical Therapy 9

ReLive Physical

Started Evolving | 04/18/2019

Relive Physical Therapy 10


ReLive Physical Therapy

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The Preferred Provider of Outpatient Physical Therapy.

ReLive Therapy’s success, which is characterized by compassion and clinical excellence, has been founded with over 30 years of experience on their dedication to their patients and emphasis on superior evidenced based care. By providing services  with their goal of 1 patient at a time satisfied, ReLive Physical Therapy strives to be the preferred provider of outpatient physical therapy for the communities they serve. 

ReLive Therapy care about their patients and are committed to maintaining patient satisfaction through services with over a 95 % satisfaction with their discharged patients. A supportive team environment and patient education are critical in their efforts to ensure efficient and effective treatment and results. 

Marketing Goals

01/04 Maximize Visibility In Search

02/04 Design SEO & User-Friendly Website

03/04 Implement Analytics Tracking & Metrics

04/04 Increase Number of Website Visitors

Marketing Approach

When Aelieve partnered up with ReLive Physical Therapy, they had a shaky foundation with rapid growth. However, Aelieve knew the right approach to help them step up to the next-level with a sleek website re-design, the implementation of advanced SEO best practices, application of local SEO best practices, the creation of easily navigable, user-friendly site hierarchy, and analytics tracking & metrics.

Marketing Strategy

Web Presence

01/03 Sessions

02/03 Clicks

03/03 Impressions

The Results


The total number of times any unique visitor comes to your website and views pages.


The total customer actions from Google and other search engines.


The total number of times anyone sees your company’s listings or ad.


01/05 Searches

02/05 Views

03/05 Website Visits

04/05 Directions

05/05 Calls

The Results


The total number of direct, discovery, and branded searches that led to your listings.


A customer found your business via Google Search or Google Maps.

Website Visits

A customer or any unique visitor visits and views your website.


A customer requests directions to your business.


The number of clicks on the call button on your Google My Business profile.
Relive Physical Therapy 11 Original
Relive Physical Therapy 11 Modified

Case Study 2019 | Conclusion

The Aelieve Effect

The launch of the Relive website brought with it record visibility in major search engines, top ranks for numerous keywords, and record number of leads. Relive’s digital presence was highly successful during the year, achieving greater web traffic, and generating more digital leads than ever before.