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Speed Optimization Improves the User Experience and Increases Conversion Rates

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Speed optimization for a website and its webpages is important for search engine rankings and the user experience. Google has indicated that page speed is one of the main factors that makes up their search algorithm.  With speed optimized, visitors are likely to stay on a site longer because speed is a large component of the user experience. When speed is optimized, conversions are optimized, and business is good. You’ll find information about how we optimize our clients’ websites for conversion below. 

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How it Works

There are a number of reasons that a website and its pages might be running slowly. Luckily, there are also many ways that a website can be optimized for speed. Ways of improving site/page speed include implementing a CDN, moving the site to a new host, and compressing page images.

Aelieve Speed Optimization

The Aelieve team is highly experienced in ensuring that our website and our clients' websites are optimized for speed. We follow speed optimization best practices in order to create high-performing websites.

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Because there are so many components to a website and its pages, it’s easy to overlook something like optimizing pages for speed. Luckily, there are a number of things that can be done to optimize a page’s speed. Here’s a list of some things to check for that can slow down a page’s speed:

  • Large Images Greatly Reduce Load Speed
  • Plugins, Apps, Widgets
  • Javascript Implemented Incorrectly
  • Bad Hosting


The Aelieve team has been long at work optimizing pages for speed and efficiency. We take the necessary steps to ensure that each and every web page on a site is optimized for quick load time and a good user experience. Our clients have full access to speed analytics so they can be sure we’re doing all we can to optimize their site. Here are some of the tactics we implement to ensure that our clients’ sites are running efficiently:

  • Image Compression
  • JavaScript and CSS Optimization
  • Site Caching
  • Speed Monitoring & Analytics
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