Search Engine Optimization Audit

Audit Your SEO Efforts To Make The Necessary Changes To Optimizing Your Pages For Search

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Local search engine optimization is SEO concentrated on optimizing websites to appear in local search listings. Local SEO is a rewarding tool for all businesses. It’s especially useful for smaller businesses with local markets who are trying to drive traffic but don’t have the status of larger companies. 

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How it works

There are numerous strategies a website can use to audit its SEO auditing efforts. To start, conduct technical analysis, on & off page analysis, and keyword analysis.

Why use it?

SEO Audits are vital to making sure that a website is optimized to appear in search results. When a website's pages aren't optimized, opportunities for conversion and growth are lost.

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Auditing Search Engine Optimization

Auditing SEO efforts doesn’t have to be complicated. There are a number of things web sites can do to analyze how they are performing in search engines and steps they can take to improve their SEO efforts. Here are auditing categories that websites should regularly conduct:

  • Technical Audit- Ensure that your website is working properly in terms of accessibility and indexability
  • Off-Page Audit- Address general content issues and web page issues
  • On-Page Audit- Analyze your site in relation to search engines and also popular perceptions of your page
  • Keyword Audit- Analyze your keyword performance and analyze your competitors' keyword strategies

Why Audit Search Engine Optimization?

SEO audits are designed to give you valuable insights on your site’s performance, overall traffic, keyword performance, and many other data points to help you understand where your site can improve. When conducting a proper SEO audit, it’s important that you formulate an audit strategy. SEO is a highly complex mechanism that needs to be carefully analyzed during audits. 

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