Schema Implementation

Architect your webpages to make them easily navigable and optimize the user experience.

Schema HTML Tags


Schema HTML tags is a language of tags that can be added to your website to optimize the way search engines represent your site in SERPs. Schema was created by search engines to enable site owners to offer more information about the what information they want to display when they appear in search results.

Personalization Targeting

How it works

Personalization targeting uses algorithms to learn the behaviors and interests of customers as they navigate through your site.

Why use it?

Personalization Targeting

How Schema HTML Tags Work

Personalization targeting optimizes customer experience by using an array of different data types:

  • Interests - Determining what motivates and interests your customers is paramount to personalization targeting. You can discern which products or content should be delivered through discovering a customer's desires, interests, and needs.
  • Behaviors - Discovering how customers navigate and utilize your site is also essential to targeting. Consumer behaviors are constantly changing and it's important to keep track of how customer's interact with your site and also how they respond to different motivations.
  • Location - Consumers in different locations often want different products based on variety of local and regional factors. Consumers in different areas of the world are influenced by culture in a way that makes targeting ideal for different customer segments.
  • Channels - Customer's arrive at your site through different channels. Consumers today still use desktops, but the majority of surfing is done through smartphones. Data from different channels uncovers important information about your customer's behaviors.

Why Utilize
Schema HTML Tags

Schema allows you to tell the search engine what information you want to be displayed when your site appears in a SERP. Through the SERP, you can create a digital business card and easily provide the most valuable information in the format you want to your customers. This is key to giving your customers the information they need. Here’s a list of best practices for canonicalization analysis

Personalization Targeting