Key Phrase Research

Key phrase research is a fundamental building block of your SEO campaign. Make sure you’re optimizing your pages by choosing the best key phrases.

Key phrase Research


Keyphrases go beyond the keywords that we have familiarized ourselves with. Search engines now take into account entire search queries to find the best information for the searcher. We take the necessary steps to research and input the title & meta tags that are relevant to your business. Search algorithms have adapted to flag sites that simply look to take advantage of keywords and phrases so we take the time to write your on-site content to be most beneficial to the audience.

Personalization Targeting


Why use Key Phrase Research?

Providing customers with products based off their behaviors and interests increases sales and decreases bounce rates for your site.

How it works

Personalization targeting uses algorithms to learn the behaviors and interests of customers as they navigate through your site.

Personalization Targeting

Why Use Key Phrase Research?

Key Phrase research offers insights into what phrases are most important for a business to target. This is especially helpful in improving a site’s conversion rates. There are numerous resource sites that give related key phrases that a business can target. 

When a website targets the right key phrases through research, its chances of conversion and ranking drastically improve. Careful key phrase analysis and selection can have large payoffs for a website. Below you’ll find a list of benefits of key phrase research.

  • Improve Organic Search Ranking
  • Boost Conversion Rate
  • Engage your Audience with Relevant Content
  • Discover Other Relevant Topics
  • Find Direction for your Goals
  • Stay up-to-date with Industry Trends