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Call Tracking Reveals Valuable Information For Your Customer Service Efforts

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What is Call Tracking?

Call tracking is the process of tracking phone leads by adding a tracking number in your paid ads, emails, and website to see which of your marketing efforts are producing results. By tracking calls and being able to listen to your company’s calls firsthand, you can analyze performance and identify areas where customer service can improve. Data gained from call tracking can help to determine a best plan of action for improving conversion rates.

Aelieve Call Tracking

Does the success of your business rely primarily on lead generation via phone calls? Have you been searching for a way to track the source of these calls? With Aelieve Call Tracking, you can do that pretty easily — and as a result, you can make more informed marketing decisions. Our website call tracking services include:

  • Phone number integration with Google Analytics to highlight on real, actionable call data
  • Setup and testing of phone numbers for multiple online and offline marketing channels
  • Monthly reporting interface and log of all phone call data (including location and phone number of callers)