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As a leading Internet marketing agency, we know that your company is unique. We want you to embrace what makes you different, and what makes you stand out from the crowd. That’s why we offer solutions customized to fit your unique business needs, goals, and expectations. Whether you’re searching for a partner to manage your online presence or a full-service firm to design and boost your website to the top spot in the search engines, we can create a package just for you.
Digital Marketing Plans

Display Advertising

When it comes to online media buying, you need a company that adapts to your needs and brings your ads in front of the right people. Aelieve, a leader in media buying and ad placements, ensures the optimal reach of your target audience. With Aelieve, you can expect:
  • Customized solutions tailored to meet the needs of your business and to connect potential customers to your website, ranging from demographic- and psychographic- to geographic-targeting and more
  • A large directory of available online ad space, ensuring that your online ads will appear on sites your target customers are visiting most often
  • Dedicated support from online media buying specialists who are consistently monitoring and testing to focus on the sites that convert best for your business

PPC Advertising

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising is the most accountable form of advertising. You can set an exact budget and only pay when a visitor clicks on your ad. Paid advertising can also include remarketing options and mobile ads. As a leading PPC management agency, Aelieve offers:
  • The opportunity to work with the top PPC specialists in the industry
  • A dedicated account manager who provides services accustomed to meet your needs
  • An opportunity to maximize your PPC search presence with pricing that fits your budget

Content Creation

Content marketing has been deemed one of the most effective methods of lead generation online. While other companies focus solely on link popularity, the value that Aelieve’s content marketing strategies provide stretches far beyond that of traditional link building. Aelieve’s content marketing services include:
  • A collaborative content marketing team comprised of individuals from every department of Aelieve, including an SEO strategist, copy-writing manager, and graphic designer
  • Strategies dedicated to increasing your site's overall power and rankings through high-quality content signals
  • Original content ranging in the form of info graphics, branded blog posts, motion graphics and even eBooks

Mobile Marketing

We Use bulk SMS to raise brand awareness or to send promotion related offers directly to your customers. Automated SMS mailing reaches recipients at the speed of 200–500 SMS per second on 800 networks in over 200 countries around the world. Bulk SMS sending is scheduled for a particular time and date. You can also set up gradual sending of SMS over specific time frames. Add the recipient’s name and other personal information to each SMS: your name or company’s name, date of birth, discount code, and other.
  • Global reach and fast delivery
  • Scheduled Automation
  • Personalized Messages

Email Marketing

Email marketing makes it easy for you to boost your annual revenue. With a smart approach, the right software, and a little elbow grease, you can turn a 100-word email message into thousands of returns. All you need is an email marketing plan. With a strategy from Aelieve, you can:
  • Promote brand recognition
  • Encourage new and repeat customers by linking to your website
  • Build an audience of brand-loyal enthusiasts who want to hear from you regularly

Search Engine Optimization

If you are an owner of a website, then you must know the importance of SEO. You may have a website with full information about products for prospective customers to buy, but unless people know about its existence, it’s useless. To get massive traffic to your website, you need a place on the first page of Google, and that’s possible with organic SEO. At Aelieve, we are 100% transparent about our costs and what is included in our SEO services. When you partner with us, you get:
  • The unmatched expertise of a team of Internet marketers for organic search engine optimization. Years of training under the belt and hundreds of businesses helped.
  • Access to industry-leading optimization processes, proprietary SEO products, and competitive SEO pricing
  • A results-driven SEO campaign backed by Web page's proven track record of success

Influencer Outreach

Influencer marketing is the process of getting high-profile figures in your industry to talk about your business online. In other words, influencer marketing is a form of building relationships that help brands earn loyal customers. With the increasing popularity of social media, people can share their opinions about brands and products with little effort. Influencer marketing allows you to harness this power, connect with influencers in your field, and invite them to share your products and services on their websites, blogs, and social platforms. Influencer marketing often goes hand in hand with social media and content marketing as you encourage influencers to share your valuable content with their online audiences.
  • Influencer casting from our large directory of bloggers who start a positive conversation about your brand.
  • Custom campaigns that target your customers through important, blogger-created content.
  • Dedicated support from our strategists to maximize online engagement and implement the best SEO practices.

Call Tracking

Does the success of your business rely primarily on lead generation via phone calls? Have you been searching for a way to track the source of these calls? With Aelieve Call Tracking, you can do that pretty easily — and as a result, you can make more informed marketing decisions. Our website call tracking services include:
  • Phone number integration with Google Analytics to highlight on real, actionable call data
  • Setup and testing of phone numbers for multiple online and offline marketing channels
  • Monthly reporting interface and log of all phone call data (including location and phone number of callers)