Personalization Targeting is the use of algorithms to target customers based on in-session behaviors, such as time spent viewing a product or overall engagement with content in a particular solution area. 

Personalization Targeting

How it works

Personalization targeting uses algorithms to learn the behaviors and interests of customers as they navigate through your site.

Why use it?

Providing customers with products based off their behaviors and interests increases sales and decreases bounce rates for your site.


Personalization targeting optimizes customer experience by using an array of different data types:

Personalization Targeting


Discovering how customers navigate and utilize your site is also essential to targeting. Consumer behaviors are constantly changing and it's important to keep track of how customer's interact with your site and also how they respond to different motivations.


Customer's arrive at your site through different channels. Consumers today still use desktops, but the majority of surfing is done through smartphones. Data from different channels uncovers important information about your customer's


Determining what motivates and interests your customers is paramount to personalization targeting.
You can discern which products or content should be delivered through discovering a customer's desires, interests, and needs.


Consumers in different locations often want different products based on variety of local and regional factors. Consumers in different areas of the world are influenced by culture in a way that makes targeting ideal for different customer segments.


Customers want you to know them and their needs. They want to interact with your site so that relevant content is delivered with ease. You risk losing a customer’s service if they’re aren’t finding what they’re looking for. Personalized targeting assures your audience that you’re there for them by creating a one-on-one experience for your customer that enables them to effortlessly navigate your page. This enables you to build relationships with your customers which is crucial in the highly competitive world we know today.

Personalized targeting will benefit you by increasing sales through simpler product discovery for your customers. You will also benefit from a reduced bounce rate as customers are more likely to stay on your site.

Personalization Targeting