Funnel analytics is a tool that allows marketers to analyze the level of conversion their site visitors reach. Most visitors will only complete the initial conversion goal which is reaching a site’s landing page. A funnel analysis provides you with the information needed to improve conversion rates.

Funnel Analytics

Identify Pain Points

By utilizing funnel analytics you can identify where the largest drop-off points are for your customers in the conversion process. Once you have identified these pain points, you can decide what aspects of your page you need to change to increase conversions.

Watch When They Abandon

By utilizing both funnel analytics and our screen recording technology, you can see exactly where customers abandon the conversion process. Once you have identified this spot, you can change something about it on your page to increase conversions.

Funnel Analytics


  • Find the biggest opportunities for improvement and testing by identifying on which page and at which step most visitors are leaving your site
  • Customize the site experience for each segment of your customers
  • Understand customer behavior and interaction with your site
  • Determine if changes to a site are improving conversion rates